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2007 Bond Program

Oklahoma City voters said yes to a $835.5 million G.O. Bond Issue to improve or replace our city’s infrastructure. Projects include the repair of 750 miles of residential and arterial streets, repairing bridges, improving parks, addressing drainage systems, constructing sidewalks and trails, building new police and fire stations, replacing buses, updating libraries and providing incentives for economic development. 

2007 Bond Program Map
2007 Bond Program Implementation Plan


2017 Bond Program

The $967 million general obligation bond package uses property tax revenue to fund basic infrastructure needs. The package will succeed the $835.5 million program approved in 2007, which is near completion. Projects include street and sidewalk repairs, traffic control, bridge and drainage system improvements, police and fire stations, updates to libraries, Civic Center, City maintenance facility and transit needs.

2017 Bond Program Map
2017 Bond Program Implementation Plan


Better Streets, Safer City

Over 27 months, the temporary penny sales tax will generate $240 million of revenue for better and safer streets, sidewalks and trails for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. It will fund $168 million for street resurfacing, $24 million for streetscapes, $24 million for sidewalks, $12 million for trails and $12 million for bicycle infrastructure.

The debt-free projects will create smooth and safe streets for drivers, on-street amenities for recreational and commuting cyclists, and streetscapes and trails that protect pedestrians and cyclists and enhance opportunities for economic development. 

Temporary Sales Tax Map
Temporary Sales Tax Implementation Plan - updated December 2018


Project 180

The initiative, named Project 180, is a $176 million redesign of downtown streets, sidewalks, parks and plazas to improve appearance and make the central core more pedestrian friendly. Plans call for the addition of landscaping, public art, marked bike lanes, decorative street lighting and additional on-street parking spaces.

Project 180 Area Map
Project 180 Master Plan


Street Resurfacing

Projects funded by the general fund, Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT)  or county agreements.



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