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Reviews traffic-related complaints and makes recommendations for improvement of traffic, transportation and parking in the City. The Committee also makes recommendations for improved enforcement of traffic regulations and supervises planning for improvements to the City’s traffic and transportation facilities. The Committee’s nine members are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council, with at least one member from each ward. All members serve four-year terms. 

How to Submit an Application

All applications to the Traffic and Transportation Commission are initiated by a letter of request. In addition, applicants seeking the installation and/or removal of regulatory traffic control signs in residential areas must include a petition. Applicants will receive a notice of Public Hearing date through the mail. For detailed instructions click here.

Letters of Request should:

  • State the type of traffic control change or improvement sought, it's location and reason for request.
  • Include a return address, telephone number(s) and e-mail (if applicable).

Example Letter of Request

Petitions should:

  • Be completed on, or directly based on, the supplied Petition Form.
  • Be completely circulated within 300 feet of the location(s) where the changes are being sought.
  • Be signed by all affected households and/or businesses within the required canvass area.
  • Include at least one signature per residence and/or business; only one signature per address will count toward meeting the minimum requirement.
  • Indicate whether each party signing the petition either agrees or disagrees with the item(s).

Petitions that do not show a minimum of a two-thirds (2/3) majority within the required canvass area will not be presented to the commission. They will be returned to the original applicant with a list of addresses that must be petitioned in order to fulfill the requirement.

Applications may be submitted the following ways:

by mail:
Stuart Chai, P.E.
City Traffic Engineer
Oklahoma City Traffic Management Division
420 W. Main Street, Suite 600
Oklahoma City, OK  73102

by fax: (405) 297-3365

by e-mail:

Current Commissioners

Ward 1 - Shay Varnell
Ward 2 - Rob Littlefield
Ward 3 - Richard Russell
Ward 4 - Walter J. Kula (Chairman)
Ward 5 - Barry G. Hale
Ward 6 - James W. Schuelein
Ward 7 - Red Miller
Ward 8 - Kevin George
At-Large - Marek Cornett

Ex-Officio Members

Stuart Chai, P.E.
Hailey Rawson, Attorney
Capt. Clint Teel, OCPD