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As Builts

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

As Built Plans are entered in the system once submitted by the engineer of record. Newer projects may take a few months before they can be searched and a few older projects are missing.

To search As Built Plans enter either a project number, street name or subdivision in the "search value" field and press enter.  To clear the search value field, click in the box next to your search word, when the “x” appears, click on it to clear the field, or highlight the entire field and type over it.


Project number: PC-0123, PD-2122, DC-0123, DD-0456, 006-E-201, 015-E-021, 089-E-001
Note - for “E” project numbers, make sure there are 3 digits before the “E” and 3 digits after the “E” with dashes. 

Street name: NW 122nd St, N MacArthur Blvd, SE 89th St, NW Expressway
Note - the system will bring up any project with that street name in the description. If it is in a large area, keep entering all the streets in that area. Directional prefixes help to narrow down the searches. Use N or S, E or W, and all combinations such as NW, SW, NE & SE. 

Subdivision: the main subdivision name without sections, phases or other designations will bring all the plans with that subdivision name in the description.