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  • Pay Scale/Benefits (Fiscal Year 17/18)

Recruit step A is the entry-level salary. Recruit Step B increase is received upon graduation from the police academy. Officer Step A increase is received when officers complete their one-year probationary period. Each year following completion of their probationary period, officers receive an additional step raise. In addition, officers receive longevity pay, college incentive pay and a uniform allowance.

Recruit pay range

Step A

Step B








Officer pay range

Step A

Step G








Sergeant pay range

Step A

Step L










Special Days Off

Patrol officers work eight days on with six days off.  In addition, all officers on this schedule receive nine special days off (SDO) per year. These SDOs are in addition to the vacation time earned and can be used with other days off.

Bilingual Incentive Pay

Officers who qualify receive between $50 and $100 per pay period as bilingual incentive pay depending on language proficiency level.

Tuition Reimbursement

Officers who have successfully completed the police academy and the field training program are eligible to participate in the college tuition reimbursement program. Eligible officers will be reimbursed 100% of their tuition costs for approved courses which are satisfactorily completed with a grade of C minus or above, up to a maximum of $1,250 per semester.

Education Incentive Pay

Education incentive pay begins one month after graduation from the police academy.

Associate’s degree

$75.00 monthly

Bachelor’s degree

$150.00 monthly

Master’s or advanced degree

$175.00 monthly

Uniform Allowance

Each officer receives $1810 uniform allowance per year.

  1. $900 annually ($450 in May & $450 in November)
  2. $35 per pay period (26 pay periods per year)


Officers have a variety of choices of health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance. 


All officers are members of the Oklahoma State Police Pension and Retirement System. The System is currently 95% funded and offers twenty year retirement allowing retiree’s to receive a pension regardless of age.