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OKC Ambassadors

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AmbassadorEach month, thousands of visitors flock to Oklahoma City's downtown and Bricktown areas.  The area boasts a wide variety of activities and events ranging from NBA basketball, ice hockey and Triple A baseball to cultural events such as the Arts Festival, and ferry boat rides on the Canal.  The area is also known for its museums and its variety of restaurants and cafes.

Many of these same visitors come into contact with the Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are members of the City's Community Assistance Program. The Police Department is utilizing a Law Enforcement Block Grant to fund this program. The Ambassadors greet visitors and citizens and provide information on points of interest. They also function as the eyes and ears of the Police Department and provide a visible presence in the downtown and Bricktown areas. They serve in other areas of the City as well as at special events. By their availability and capability, Ambassadors are able to handle many questions that formerly required citizens to flag down a police officer for information, thus allowing the officers to spend more time patrolling and responding to calls that actually require the participation of a police officer. The Ambassadors do not engage in any enforcement action, but instead assist the public with information and report any public safety problems directly to police officers, using police radios. 

Whether it's something as simple as asking for directions to a certain restaurant, or something more serious such as giving medical aid to someone who has fallen ill, the Ambassadors play an  important role in keeping visitors to our downtown and Bricktown areas safe. Ambassadors also stay busy helping with traffic control and assisting police officers assigned to the area. Ambassadors are easy to spot with their navy blue shirts, tan pants and yellow caps.

An OKC Am bassador

In 2008 the Ambassadors were asked for directions from citizens a total of 29,631 times. They were asked general information questions about the area or events 14,736 times. The Ambassadors assisted police officers 28 times and they assisted with traffic control 13 times. These numbers, plus additional duties add up to more than 40,000 contacts with the public in 2008. And that doesn't include special events such as Opening Night, the Fourth of July and numerous parades and races such as the Oklahoma City Marathon.

The Ambassadors are committed to making your visit to Oklahoma City's downtown and Bricktown areas as safe and enjoyable as possible.