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Citizens Advisory Board

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It is the desire of the Oklahoma City Police Department to maintain a partnership with the community in an effort to reduce crime and to enhance the quality of life. These goals are best accomplished through positive and open communication and the development of public trust.

The Citizens Advisory Board is hereby created to facilitate interaction between the Police Department and a committee of citizens, representative of the various ethnic and cultural groups, within our community.

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The Citizens Advisory Board will

1.  Review the investigative process and results of completed departmental investigations of formal citizen complaints.

2.  Review the investigative process and results of completed administrative investigations of complaints alleging excessive use of force or police brutality by a department employee.

3.  Review the investigative process and results of any other incidents involving police department employees the board deems to be of public concern.

4.  Provide comments, suggestions and recommendations to the Chief of Police on department police, procedure and rules.

5.  Provide comments, suggestions and recommendations to the Chief of Police regarding the department's procedure for receiving, investigating and reviewing citizen complaints.

6.  Convene or attend periodic public forums to establish an exchange with the community. Members of the community will be encouraged to express concerns or approval regarding the actions of the police department, and may request information on Citizens Advisory Board activities.

Upon review of the above matters, the Citizens Advisory Board shall address recommendations and concerns, if any, to the Chief of Police in writing.

The Chief of Police will consider the board's recommendations or concerns.

Should any concerns remain unresolved after receiving a response from the Chief of Police, the board may request the matter be referred to the Office of the City Manager.

To enhance trust between the police department and the community, the Citizens Advisory Board will:

  • Assist members of the police department in achieving a greater understanding of the nature and causes of community problems, with an emphasis on improving relations between the police department and the citizens of Oklahoma City.
  • Recommend methods to encourage and develop an active citizen-police partnership in the prevention of crime.
  • Work to strengthen and ensure, throughout the community, the application of equal protection under the law to all. Promote public awareness of contemporary policing issues the police department must react to.


The Citizens Advisory Board shall be composed of no more than twelve voting members and one non-voting member. The police department's representative shall serve as the non-voting member of the board.


The Coalition shall appoint all voting members to the Citizens Advisory Board. The voting members shall reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the Oklahoma City community. Upon expiration of the term of service of members or should a vacancy otherwise occur, the Coalition shall have the responsibility to select and appoint new members to the board.

The Chief of Police shall select one member who will serve as the police department's representative to the Citizens Advisory Board.


Members of the Citizens Advisory Board are expected to exhibit the highest ethical and professional standards. The City Manager or designee will remove a member upon a majority vote of the board. In the event a C.A.B. member is unavailable to attend a regularly scheduled meeting, he/she should contact the C.A.B. Chairman or the Departments Representative and notify them of such. Failure to attend three consecutive meetings without contacting the Chairman or the Department Representative with an explanation shall result in that C.A.B. member being dismissed. A majority of board members shall determine if justification exists to excuse a member’s absence.    


All Oklahoma City Police Department Citizens Advisory Board members, herein after called the C.A.B. shall either be permanent residents of the City of Oklahoma City, own real property in the City of Oklahoma City, work or maintain a place of business in the City of Oklahoma City, or be engaged in the community in a serving capacity. C.A.B. members shall have good reputations for integrity and community service and shall not have been convicted or received a deferred sentence for a felony crime.

No nominee to the C.A.B. nor any members of the nominee's immediate family, shall be currently employed by the City of Oklahoma City nor be a former sworn employee of the City of Oklahoma City Police Department.

No nominee may currently be a party nor be a legal representative in litigation against the City of Oklahoma City.

Each nominee must be prepared and committed to invest the necessary time in enhancing police community relations in a manner that helps reduce crime and enhances relationships between the police and the community.


The C.A.B. Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be voted on each year during the first meeting of the Calendar Year. C.A.B. Members in good standing shall serve a term of three (3) years. By a majority vote of the C.A.B., terms for members may be extended, provided they wish to continue their service with the C.A.B. 


Members shall select a chairperson and any other officers they deem necessary by a majority vote. The members shall adopt rules and procedures relating to the operation of the C.A.B. The C.A.B. shall determine the date, time, and place for each meeting.


Each member shall attend an orientation presented by the police department to familiarize the board with the operation of City government, the police department and the rules and operating procedures of the C.A.B.

Each voting member will be encouraged to complete the Citizens Police Academy and participate in at least one ride-along with an Oklahoma City Police Officer.

Members shall have access to an Oklahoma City Police Department Operations Manual. 

Operating Expenses

Voting members of the C.A.B. are not employees of the City of Oklahoma City. Voting members serve in a voluntary capacity and shall receive no monetary compensation or any other financial or employee benefit from the City. The City of Oklahoma City will provide office supplies and assume responsibility for other expenses necessary for the operation of the C.A.B.

The chairperson shall serve as the spokesperson for the C.A.B.

Except for the chairperson, no member of the C.A.B. shall make any written or oral statement of any C.A.B. activity of a confidential nature to any individual or body. A violation will result in immediate removal from the Board.

Members of the C.A.B. may receive information regarding personnel matters and other information of a sensitive or confidential nature. It shall be the duty and responsibility of each member to respect and maintain the confidentiality of all matters presented before the board. Neither the C.A.B., nor any individual member, shall disseminate confidential information received during board meetings. Board members are required to sign confidentiality statements and will be removed from the board upon violation of the confidentiality agreement.

Limitation of Powers
Neither the Citizens Advisory Board nor any member thereof, shall:

  • Incur City expense or obligate the City in any manner.
  • Release any written or oral report of any board activity to any individual or body other than to the Chief of Police or the Office of the city Manager.  The C.A.B. Chairman may issue a press release after consultation with the Chief of Police or the City Manager.
  • Independently investigate citizen complaints against the police department or an employee of the department.
  • Conduct any activity, which might constitute or be construed as an official governmental review of police actions.
  • Conduct any activity, which might constitute or be construed as establishment of City or department policy.
  • Violate the confidentiality of any information related to matters involving pending or forthcoming civil or criminal litigation.
  • Matters pertaining to discipline will be the sole responsibility of the Chief of Police and not the board. The activities of the C.A.B. shall, at all times, be conducted in accordance with all federal, state and local laws.