Mission & Core Values

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The Oklahoma City Council approved a new Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Core Values Statement on Nov. 8, 2005.

Mission Statement

The City of Oklahoma City's mission is to provide the leadership, commitment and resources to achieve our vision by:

  • Offering a clean, safe and affordable City.
  • Providing well managed and maintained infrastructure through proactive and reactive services, excellent stewardship of public assets and a variety of cultural, recreational and entertainment opportunities that enhance the quality of life.
  • Creating and maintaining effective partnerships to promote employment opportunities and individual and business success.
  • Advancing a model of professionalism that ensures the delivery of high quality products and services, continuously improves efficiency and removes barriers for future development.

Vision Statement

Oklahoma City is a safe, clean, affordable City. We are a family-friendly community of strong moral character, solid values and a caring spirit. We strive to provide the right balance of cosmopolitan and rural areas by offering a well-planned and growing community that focuses on a wide variety of business, educational, cultural, entertainment and recreational opportunities. We are a diverse, friendly City that encourages individuality and excellence.

Core Values Statement

We are The City of Oklahoma City.

Public Service is our purpose. It is why we are here.

We commit to provide competent, dependable and efficient service to all by knowing our jobs and our City.

We value dependability and accountability in our relationships.

We value tactful, useful, informative and honest communication among ourselves and with our community. Listening to the needs of others is a critical part of our communication process.

We honor diversity by respecting our customers and fellow employees.

We commit to continuous improvement and growth through visionary, proactive leadership and technology.

We set these standards of quality service by upholding our core values.

We are The City of Oklahoma City.