Vision Plan Information

VSP is the current provider of Vision benefits for the City of Oklahoma City. VSP offers a great value on your eye care and eye wear.

Choice of Providers

With VSP you have open access to see any eye care provider. To find a VSP doctor, call (800) 877-7195 or visit

Verify Eligibility and Plan Benefits

View your coverage, including eligibility and copayment information, find a VSP doctor near you, see details of previous VSP doctor visits and savings (when applicable), and get instructions on how to use your benefit by registering online at

Using VSP Benefits

There is no ID card or claim form to complete when you see a VSP doctor. You may also change doctors at any time by simply making an appointment with another VSP doctor. If you choose to see a provider other than a VSP doctor, you typically have six months to submit a claim to VSP for reimbursement.  For details on how to submit a claim, login to

Your Coverage with a VSP Doctor

 WellVision Exam focuses on your eye health and overall wellness.

  • $10 Copay – every calendar year.

Prescription Glasses or Contact Lens

  • $25 Copay (for lenses and/or frame).
  • Lenses – every calendar year.
  • Single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses.
  • Polycarbonate lenses for dependent children.
  • Frame – Every Calendar Year.
  • (New for 2018) $170 allowance for a wide selection of frames.
  • 20 percent off the amount over your allowance.
  • 20 percent off additional glasses and sunglasses within 12 months of any eye exam
    OR Contact Lens Care.
  • (New for 2018) $150 allowance for contacts with a separate copay for fitting  and evaluation fee.

Laser VisionCare

  • Laser correction surgery at a reduced price.
  • Discounts on preoperative and postoperative care.
  • 15 percent off the regular price or 5 percent off the promotional price from participating facilities.