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Glen Ellyn Park

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This park has its roots in the Land Run of 1889 as the homestead of Bettie McGinnis, who made the run as a young widow with her sons, two-year-old Willie and 11-month-old Eddie. In 1909, a small parcel of land was converted into the Glen Ellyn neighborhood by Tracy and Georgia Robinson. Mrs. Robinson was a strong advocate for education and was key to establishing the PTA in the city. As a PTA leader she led the way to the first kindergartens and cafeterias in the public schools. Mr. Robinson raised prized cattle and bred champion Scotch Collies and it was one of these dogs that led to the name for this park. 

As a young man Tracy Robinson lived in DeKalb, a suburb of Chicago, and he bought a prized Scotch Collie in neighboring suburb Glen Ellyn. He named her Bess of Glen Ellyn and after moving to Oklahoma City in 1903 he started Glen Ellyn Kennels for breeding Scotch Collies. When the Robinsons created the neighborhood, they named the addition and the main street Glen Ellyn, so following policy, the parks department named the park for the nearest street.

Glen Ellyn Park was created in 1930.