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Earlywine Park

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When he made the Land Run from Purcell, Oklahoma in 1889, Philip Earlywine probably never guessed that the large farm he claimed would ever be part of Oklahoma City, especially an airport or an interstate highway.

Two generations of Earlywines farmed the land where this park is now. Philip and Ida Earlywine passed the land to their son, Cecil, who sold the land in 1961. By that time the family owned much more land than the original homestead and part of the land was sold for Will Rogers World Airport and another piece was sold to make way for H. E. Bailey Turnpike (I-44). The rest of the land became Earlywine Park and golf course, though improvements to the park were not complete until 1976.

The park was officially named for Cecil Earlywine in 1961 as a condition of the sale of the land to the city.