Birthdays GO WILD at Martin Park Nature Center with nature-themed parties sure to give your guests a thrill. All parties last about two hours: One hour for the pre-selected nature activity, and one hour for cake and presents. Each party includes a party favor for every child. 

For Ages 6-7

“Earth and Sky”
Kids will dig this interactive party where they explore the earth by taking a wildlife walk then getting hands-on with dirt painting. Guests will then make cereal bird feeders for their backyard feathered friends.

"Camouflage Party" Animals may not have an invisibility cloak, but they can hide in plain sight. See how nature's crafty creatures protect themselves from predators by learning about camouflage. Guests will play a game of “Bat-Moth” to learn how some animals “see,” then decorate masks to take home as a party favor.

For Ages 7-8

"Turtle-y Awesome"
Turtles and tortoises make every party “Turtle-y Awesome.” Experience turtles up-close in the park Visitors' Center, then join the turtles in some painting fun. Each guest will go home with a piece of art painted by a live turtle.

"Rock Out"
No party is as rockin’ as the “Rock Out” party at Martin Park. The birthday boy (or girl!) and guests will scour the shores of Spring Creek (weather permitting) and look for fossils in the rocks. They'll then learn about the Oklahoma State Rock (the Rose Rock), and create a fossil to take home. 

For Ages 9-10

“Slither Party”
Want a party that really s-s-s-s-lithers? Then s-s-s-ign up for our “Slither Party” where guests get an up-close look at our education snakes. Learn the differences between ground-dwelling, water-dwelling and tree-dwelling snakes, then join in for some snake-painting fun. Each child will watch as one of the Center’s snakes paints an original piece of art for them to take home.

"Treasure Hunt"
You don’t have to travel to exotic locations to find hidden treasure for your next birthday. Instead, head to Martin Park where you can have a geo-caching treasure hunt all of your own. Use GPS or geo-caches to scour for birthday treasure in the Martin Park woods, then head back to the Visitor Center for a special party surprise.

Pricing & Availability

Cost: $15 per child
Guests: Minimum of 8, maximum of 15
Call Martin Park Nature Center at (405) 297-1429 or email for available dates and times. 

Payment is due at time of reservation by calling the Parks & Recreation Department's Central Business Office at (405) 297-3882. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. 


Weddings in Martin Park must be scheduled and permitted by Martin Park management. Weddings must take place during park hours, and the area where the ceremony is held must be accessible for park guests. Please contact staff via email at to inquire.