COVID-19 (new coronavirus) and phone malfunctions: There is a Shelter in Place order in Oklahoma City until April 30 as the pandemic continues. Visit for updates and details. Also, an unrelated vendor issue is preventing us from receiving many inbound phone calls, and you may be getting a busy signal. The vendor is working to fix the problem, and we're sorry for the frustration.

General contractors can now request a commercial fire inspection any time using our "Oklahoma City Interactive Voice Response" system. This service is available 24/7.

When calling VoicePermits, you will be prompted through the entire process. At any time, press * for more information or # to return to the previous menu. Before calling, have your permit and inspection numbers handy. You may need to enter them.

Multiple transactions may be performed during each call. You will be issued a confirmation number at the end of the call that should be kept for your records.

VoicePermits: 405-316-5656