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 Welcome to the "OK Child" Injury Prevention Program

"Every day in the United States, two dozen children die from an injury that was not intended. Such tragedy often leaves families broken apart and changes the lives of those left behind. Injury deaths, however, are only part of the picture. Each year, millions of children in the United States are injured and live with the consequences of those injuries. These children may face disability and chronic pain that limit their ability to perform age-appropriate, everyday activities over their lifetime." (Grant T. Baldwin, Director of Unintentional Injury Prevention, Center for Disease Control and Prevention). 

To help combat unintentional injuries affecting our children, "OK CHILD" was developed. This injury prevention program targets preschool-age children through 5th grade (although, the messages have no age limit). 

With the collaboration of many agencies, both locally and nationally, we plan to be part of the change to our culture as it pertains to injury prevention in Oklahoma. We love our children in Oklahoma, and we simply want them to be "OK"! 

We invite you to be engaged in this quest. Along with our teachers, all citizens are welcome to use this program to educate our communities. 

Together, we can be part of the solution. Thank you for your participation in "OK CHILD" Injury Prevention