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The City of Oklahoma City Fire Investigation Unit consists of 12 Fire Investigators and one Assistant Fire Marshal.

One mission of the Fire Investigation Unit is to investigate fires to determine if they were intentionally set. In particular, the unit will investigate fires that were suspicious, unlawful, or those which caused serious injury or death. 

The Fire Investigation Unit will also investigate fires to determine if there are trends developing in our city. If a particular fire trend is detected through the efforts of the Fire Investigation Unit, the problem can then be addressed through other Fire Prevention activities such as Code Enforcement and Public Education.  Determining if a trend has developed is a very important function of the Fire Investigation Unit.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Fire Investigation Unit:

  • Conducting interviews of suspects, victims, and witnesses

  • Sifting through fire debris to determine fire origin

  • Identify possible ignition sources

  • Collect and preserve physical evidence

  • Document the fire scene with sketches and photographs

  • Prepare, serve, and return search warrants

  • Prepare criminal fire offense cases for submittal to the District Attorney’s Office for arrest and process criminal offenders

  • Give expert witness testimony

  • Present evidence in court


The Arson Hotline was established as an avenue for anyone to report information pertaining to a fire which occurred in the City of Oklahoma City. If you have any tips or information which may be helpful to the Oklahoma City Fire Department Fire Investigation Unit, please call (405) 23-ARSON, or (405) 232-7766.