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If you're unfamiliar with bidding on contracts for the City of OKC and its Trusts, we recommend you contact one of our buyers first. 

Sharmanlyne Vickers
Purchasing Analyst/Purchasing Card Program
(405) 297-2184

Automotive Oils and Lubricants; Construction and other Heavy Equipment, including Repair Parts and Services; Emergency/Safety Equipment on City Vehicles; Equipment Rental/Lease, including Motor Graders; Mobile Equipment, including Repair Parts and Services; Parts Washer Services; Small Equipment, including Grounds Maintenance Equipment and Repair Parts and Services; Vehicle Purchases, including Repair Parts and Services; and Wrecker Services for City Vehicles and Equipment.

Annette Willis
Senior Buyer
(405) 297-2007

Agricultural Chemicals; Arts and Crafts Supplies; Chemical Toilet Rental; Cutting and Mowing of Rank Weeds; Demolition Services, including Securing and Boarding of Dilapidated Buildings; Fitness Equipment; Golf Course Driving Range Balls; Golf Course Driving Range Equipment, including Golf Cars; Golf Course Grounds Maintenance Equipment; Grass Seed and Grass Sod; Horticulture, Greenhouse, Landscape Supplies and Tools, including Irrigation Systems; Outdoor Furnishings; Park and Play Equipment; Parks Safety Surfaces; Plants, Flowers, Trees and Shrubs; Police Equipment, including Bicycles and Repair Parts and Services, Lab Equipment and Supplies, Motorcycles and Repair Parts and Services, Radar Units, Soft Body Armor, Tactical Vests, Uniforms, Weapons and Ammunition; Recreation Equipment; River Dam Supplies, Parts and Repair Services; Security Services; Soil, Sand and Rock; Sports Officials; Swimming Pool Parts and Accessories; Uniforms (Citywide); Veterinary Equipment, Supplies and Services; and Watercraft Equipment, Parts and Supplies.

Crystal Lefebvre
Senior Buyer
(405) 297-2071

Building Materials, including Electrical Supplies, Lamps and Related Items, Plumbing Supplies, Fence Materials, Paint, Doors and Door Hardware, Locks and Keys, Fasteners, Fire Extinguishers, and Hand and Power Tools; Building Services including, Generator Repair Parts and Services, Pest and Termite Control Services, Boiler Maintenance, Air Conditioning/Heating/Chiller Installation and Repair Parts and Services, Custodial Services, Glass Repair and Replacement, Property Restoration Services, Overhead Door Repair Parts and Services, Elevators, Escalators, Walkways and Lifts Maintenance and Services, Electrical Services, and Plumbing Services; Maintenance Repair and Operating (MRO) Supplies; Carpet and Other Flooring, Purchase and Installation; Helicopter; Supplies, Parts and Services, including Helicopter (Jet-A Aviation) Fuel; and Roadway Products and Services, including Asphalt, Concrete, De-Icing Salt, Fly Ash, and Guardrail Parts and Services; and Traffic Sign Material.

Sherry Cochran-Schmees
Senior Buyer
(405) 297-3138

Surplus Auctions and Sales; Advertising; Appliances; Armored Car Services; Collection Services; Copy and Print Shop Services; First Aid Supplies; Food and Beverages; Fragmentary Ice; Hazardous Material Removal Services; Janitorial Supplies and Equipment; Language Interpreters; Mail Room Equipment; Memberships and Subscriptions; Office Furniture; Office Supplies; Paper and Envelopes; Printing Services; Psychological Services; Recycling Services and Supplies; Temporary Labor Services; Travel and Training; and Trophies and Awards.

Dan Keeth
Senior Buyer
(405) 297-3954

Audio/Video Equipment and Services; Broadband Wireless Equipment and Services; CCTV Equipment and Services; Copiers, Printers and Scanners; Toner and Printer Supplies and Repair; Document Conversion/Destruction Services; Facilities Security Equipment and Services; Fuel, including Bulk Fuel, Fuel Card Services, and Propane; Fuel Delivery Dispensers and Tanks Repair Parts and Services; Information Technology Services, including Equipment and Hardware; Inside Wiring; Computers and Computer Supplies; Intrusion Alarm Services; Network Infrastructure Plant Services; Network Products and Services; Photographic Supplies and Services; Small Electronic Components; Software Licensing and Maintenance Services; Telecommunications, including Telephones, Internet Services, Cell Phones, Pagers and Radios; and UPS Systems and Related Equipment.

Sean Simpson
Administrative Specialist, Utilities Department
(405) 297-2267

CCTV Inspection and Cleaning Services; Cold Water Meters; Electrical Motor Rewinding Services; Filter Media for Water Treatment; Hose; Gaskets; Hydrants and Valves; Industrial Gasses; Laboratory Equipment; Supplies and Chemicals; Manhole Structures, Frames, and Covers; Mechanical Plugs, Tools, Couplings and Accessories; Meter Reading Devices and Parts; Pipe, Fittings and Accessories; Plant Machinery Equipment; Refuse Carts; Recycle Bins; Root Control Chemicals; Street Sweeping Services; Telemetry and Control Equipment; Various Pumps for Water and Wastewater Treatment; Water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals; Water Analysis; Waterline Repair Clamps; and Utilities Department purchasing representative.

Pennie Leck
Management Specialist, Fire Department
(405) 297-3600

Breathing Air Compressor System, Installation, Accessories, and Service; Emergency Medical Service Supplies; Fire Apparatus and Fire Hose Third Party Testing; Fire Apparatus Purchase and Repair; Fire Department Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks and Installation; Fire Department Emergency Vehicle Lighting, Equipment and Services; Firefighting Tools, Repair Parts, Supplies, and Equipment; Fire Department Overhead Door and Four-Fold Door Repair/Replacement Parts and Services; Fire Hose; Fire Personal Protective Equipment and Related Services; Fire Station Alerting System; Intercom Systems for Fire Apparatus; Lifepak Defibrillators, Supplies, Maintenance, and Services; SCBA Equipment, Cylinders, Repair Parts and Services; Thermal Imaging Cameras, Accessories, Repair Parts, and Services; and Fire Department purchasing representative.

For additional information on bidding:

Amy K. Simpson, City Purchasing Agent, (405) 297-3959

Alena Croy, Purchasing Specialist, (405) 297-2784

For additional information on vendor payments:

Debbie Berlin, Accounts Payable Supervisor, (405) 297-2353