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Rezoning Process

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If your intended use of a property is not permitted by the zoning, a rezoning application may be filed. The average time to complete the entire rezoning process is 100-120 days. It is recommended you speak with staff before filing an application. The following process applies to rezoning applications, PUD and SPUD applications, Special Permits, Alcoholic Beverage Consumption (ABC) Overlays, and requests to close a public way or easement:

Step 1

Submit your application

Download an application from our Application Page and file it with all required materials and the filing fee. Filing deadlines and Planning Commission schedule is available here.

Step 2

Staff review

  • Staff confirms application is complete and schedules the item on an upcoming Planning Commission agenda.
  • Staff sends the development proposal information to other City departments and relevant outside agencies for comment.
  • Staff prepares a staff report that includes comments received, an analysis of the proposal’s conformance with the comprehensive plan, and a recommendation to the Planning Commission.

NOTE: If the subject property is within a special zoning district, the application must go the appropriate design review committee/commission for review and recommendation prior to Planning Commission.

Step 3

Planning Commission Meeting and Recommendation

The Planning Commission holds a public hearing to consider the request. The Commission is a recommending body to the the City Council on all rezoning applications. It takes at least five votes to pass a recommendation onto the City Council. An item may be recommended for approval, approval with conditions (depending on application type), or denial. An item may also be continued to a future meeting date, continued indefinitely, or the applicant may request the item be withdrawn. Once a recommendation of the Planning Commission is received, it is forwarded to the City Council and a hearing is held approximately six weeks later.

Step 4

City Council

The City Council makes all final decisions on rezoning applications. There are two City Council meetings. At the first meeting the item is Introduced and set for final hearing. At the final hearing the Council may approve, approve with conditions, or deny an item. An item may also be continued to a future meeting date, continued indefinitely, or the applicant may request the item be withdrawn.

Step 5

Effective Date

If the application is approved, the Mayor signs an ordinance amending the zoning. The zoning becomes effective 30 days later unless an “emergency” is granted by the City Council.