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Landscape Ordinance

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The City's Landscape Ordinance promotes creativity and flexibility in design.

The landscape ordinance is located in Chapter 59, Article XI. of the Oklahoma City Municipal Code. The ordinance is designed as a point-based system, which assigns point values to different types of plant material.  This system provides flexibility in design and choice of plant material, while establishing minimum standards for landscaping a site.

The landscape ordinance references a document called Trees and Plants for Oklahoma City, which guides the spacing and selection of plant material  for specific situations, such as planting street trees and screening parking areas.  More information about the selection, care and maintenance of trees in central Oklahoma is provided in the Putting Down Roots guidebook.

For questions about the landscape ordinance, contact the Development Center at (405) 297-3835.


Requesting a substitution of tree species for a specific site.

Requesting a modification to the "Trees and Plants" document.