Education and Special Events Volunteering

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Our shelter offers many opportunities to educate the public. These volunteer opportunities can be as simple as printing out a flyer and putting it up at local establishments, to talking to school groups and homeowner’s associations and manning educational booths.

Key Responsibilities

  • Handing out information about the shelter’s programs.
  • Talking to the community about OKC Animal Welfare and how they can make a difference.
  • Promoting positive aspects of the shelter and helping to educate the public on our goals and how we are trying to reach them.
  • Educating on responsible pet ownership in OKC.


  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Good customer service skills.
  • Thorough knowledge of the shelters policies and programs required.
  • Age varies depending on event.

Training Provided (Dependent on Volunteer Event)

  • Public Outreach Training
  • Dog Body Language
  • Dog Handling
  • Cat Breed
  • Dogs 101
  • Medical Training
  • Adoption Counseling
  • Cat Body Language
  • Cat Handling
  • Dog Breed
  • Cats 101

Time Commitment

This volunteer position would require anywhere from an hour to eight hours depending on the task.