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Oklahoma City Animal Welfare has many life-saving programs that help our community's pets.

Through our community initiatives, adoption programs and partnerships with other animal organizations, we've been steadily improving our live release rate.

We're proud of our progress and we encourage you to review our annual statistics to track the care of animals in the OKC Animal Shelter.

Live Release Rate Chart

Live Release Rate is the percentage of outcomes at the OKC Animal Shelter that were live outcomes. This can be through being reunited with their owners, adopted or placed with a transfer partner.

Live Outcomes Chart

Live outcomes are animals that entered the OKC Animal Shelter and were eventually reunited with their owners, adopted or placed into one of our transfer partner's adoption programs.

Intake Chart

Intake is the number of animals that come into the OKC Animal Shelter. OKC Animal Welfare's proactive responsible pet ownership programs have contributed to the recent decline in the intake rate.