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Safe Room Rebate Program
The City Of Oklahoma City

**The 2012 Oklahoma City Safe Room Rebate Program has been funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) **
Welcome to the City Of Oklahoma City Safe Room Rebate Program.
Wrap Text around ImageA safe room rebate program allows individual homeowners to be reimbursed a percentage of the amount that they spend on a safe room.

What is the status of the Safe Room Rebate Program?

The 2012 program was funded in August 2013 with a grant from the Federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). The primary and alternate recipients that were drawn in 2012 lottery will be receiving a letter and questionnaire in the mail shortly. Please fill out and return the questionnaire by Tuesday September 3, 2013 to the City Clerk’s Office, 200 North Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, if you’re still interested in participating in our Safe Room Rebate Program.

I did not apply, or, was not drawn in the lottery for the 2012 Safe Room Rebate Program; can I apply for the next program?

Unfortunately, currently there are no opportunities to apply for another Safe Room Rebate Program with The City of Oklahoma City. The number of pending Safe Room Rebate Program grant applications from other jurisdictions in the state exceeds the amount of available and projected hazard mitigation grant funding.
If the city does decide to reapply for the HMGP in the future, all Oklahoma City residents will receive information on how to apply through the water bill insert, local news media, and our webpage.

If I have questions, need further information, or want to periodically check on the status of the Safe Room Rebate Program, then who do I contact?

Please contact Sharon Ray at (405) 605-8983