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Oklahoma City adopts adaptokc sustainability plan and preserveokc historic preservation plan

Post Date:07/13/2020 1:57 PM

The newest amendments to planokc will help preserve Oklahoma City’s historic character and sustainably prepare for a prosperous future.

The Planning Commission has formally adopted preserveokc, Oklahoma City’s first historic preservation plan, and adaptokc, the first sustainability plan. They were presented to the City Council in July as amendments to planokc, the comprehensive plan that shapes Oklahoma City’s future development.

“It’s fitting that these two plans were presented together, because our history informs our plans for the future,” said Planning Director Geoff Butler. “These plans, which represent years of hard work from staff, stakeholders and volunteers, will help decision-makers continue moving Oklahoma City forward long into the future.”

The plans are long-range policy documents to guide decisions based on community goals. They are not regulatory documents or ordinances.

About adaptokc

Sustainability plans help strengthen communities in the face of economic, environmental and social challenges of the present and future.

adaptokc addresses how Oklahoma City can adapt to hotter and drier summers, electricity cost and demand increases, more frequent flooding, higher operational and maintenance costs for infrastructure and mounting public service delivery challenges related to age, language and culture.

The plan is organized into four topic areas: Energy Productivity, Natural and Built Environment, Air Quality, and Waste Reduction.

The Planning Department’s Office of Sustainability created the plan with input from six focus groups featuring more than 90 subject matter experts.

Read the plan here.

About preserveokc

Historic preservation plans help incorporate a preservation ethic into broader planning goals. They define the value of artistic, historic and cultural resources that make a community better.

preserveokc outlines strategies and tools to identify, retain, preserve and revitalize historic resources. It identifies ways preservation can contribute to neighborhood and commercial district revitalization, cultural tourism and place-making, and to economically and environmentally sustainable growth.

The plan is organized around four Big Ideas: Strengthen Public Support for Historic Preservation, Practice Good Stewardship of City-Owned Historic Resources, Protect Historic Resources Citywide, and Develop Effective City Tools and Policies to Promote Preservation.

The Current Planning and Urban Design Division created the plan with input from a diverse group of stakeholders with interest or expertise in historic preservation, architecture, planning, real estate, commercial district and neighborhood revitalization, and other related fields.

Read the plan here.

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