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Oklahoma City Council establishes MAPS 4 Citizens Advisory Board and subcommittees, volunteers needed

Post Date:02/04/2020 10:51 AM

Mayor David Holt and the Oklahoma City Council voted Tuesday to establish the MAPS 4 Citizens Advisory Board and six subcommittees to guide the transformational MAPS 4 program.

“Citizen oversight of MAPS has been a big reason for its success this last quarter-century,” said Mayor Holt. “The creation of the board structure is clearly a major milestone in our implementation process. I’m looking forward to the naming of the board members in the months ahead and the commencement of the work.”

Oklahoma City residents can volunteer to serve on the board and subcommittees, which will make recommendations to the City Council for planning and implementing MAPS 4.

Visit to apply and see other details about MAPS 4.

About the advisory board

The MAPS 4 Citizens Advisory Board and subcommittees will be similar to counterparts in MAPS 3. They will be subject to Oklahoma’s Open Records Act and Open Meeting Act.

The subcommittees will focus on planning and implementation of certain projects, bringing recommendations to the full advisory board. The advisory board makes recommendations to the City Council, which has final authority over MAPS 4.

The board will have 11 members, each appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The members will serve terms of up to three years. The terms will be staggered at first, with some members serving shorter initial terms to ensure some positions are eligible for re-appointment every year of the MAPS 4 program.

There will be one member for each of Oklahoma City’s eight Wards, two at-large members and one rotating member of the City Council. The Mayor will designate one of the at-large members as the Chairperson, and the board will designate a Vice-Chairperson.

About the subcommittees

Each of the six MAPS 4 Citizens Advisory Board subcommittees is dedicated to a specific project or group of projects.

The subcommittees will each have two members from the advisory board, who the Mayor will designate as the subcommittees’ Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. Each subcommittee will also have five to seven at-large members. The full advisory board’s Chairperson and City Council member may also serve as non-voting members.

The six subcommittees and their dedicated projects are:

Like the board members, the subcommittee members will be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. The terms do not have limits, but the Mayor can remove members at any time, with or without cause.

About MAPS 4

MAPS 4 is a debt-free public improvement program funded by a voter-approved temporary penny sales tax. It will raise a projected $978 million from April 2020 to March 2028.

More than 70 percent of MAPS 4 funding is dedicated to neighborhood and human needs. The rest is for quality of life and job-creating initiatives. MAPS 4 has 16 projects.

Visit for more details on MAPS 4 and the history of Oklahoma City’s MAPS programs.

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