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Engage with local government at Civic Saturday event, Nov. 16

Post Date:11/07/2019 9:15 AM

Join Mayor David Holt and partners from around Oklahoma City at Civic Saturday, a free public program to nurture civic spirit and face-to-face reflections and connections.

The event is 10:30 a.m. to noon Saturday, Nov. 16, at The Paramount Room, 701 W Sheridan Ave. RSVP online at

Civic Saturday is hosted by Citizen University, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a culture of powerful, responsible citizenship. Local partners include Mayor Holt, Generation Citizen and Let’s Fix This. In conjunction with 112th anniversary of Oklahoma being admitted as the 46th state, attendees are also invited to wear attire to celebrate state pride.

Civic Saturday will include comments from Mayor Holt, music from local artist Tony Foster and readings from local poets Lauren Zuniga and Gregory Samuel. Everyone is invited to this gathering of friends and strangers, which will also include a “civic sermon” from Citizen University founder and CEO Eric Liu to grapple with civic life in America today.

“In a time when politics is so fiercely polarized, we want to appreciate anew the simple miracle of democratic citizenship,” said Liu. “We created Civic Saturday in response to the deep disconnectedness and cynicism in our culture and have found that they are a gathering like no other.”

Civic Saturdays are a new civic ritual, meant to bring people together in joyful, participatory ways. The events serve as a time for the public to nurture a spirit of shared purpose, to wrestle with moral questions and to develop a sense of civic character.

“This nation’s democratic experiment won’t survive without an increase in civic engagement, and our City can’t make progress unless all voices are at the table,” said Mayor Holt. “As such, I am excited to help host this Civic Saturday, and I can’t wait to spend some time with others in this city who are passionate about civic engagement.”

Amy Curran, Oklahoma Executive Director for Generation Citizen, said teaching Oklahoma’s youth to engage civically will improve their lives and equip Oklahoma with a new generation of leaders. Civic Saturday opens an opportunity.

“Thriving communities take work. As we engage in civic life by building relationships through facing our struggles and our successes together, we gain a more complete understanding of one another and this place we all call home,” said Curran. “Civic Saturday is both a celebration of those giving their best to OKC and a call to action for the rest of us to join the journey.”

Let’s Fix This Executive Director Andy Moore added, “The quality of our democracy hinges on the engagement of the voters. If we aspire to have a nation run by the people and for the people, then we, the people, must be actively involved in our government at all levels. Decisions are made by those who show up, but we must ‘show up’ beyond the ballot box. We must be involved in the governance of our city, our county, our state, and our nation.”

About Mayor David Holt

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Mayor David Holt is the 36th mayor of Oklahoma City and the city’s youngest mayor since 1923. He graduated from Putnam City Public Schools before completing his undergraduate degree at George Washington University and his law degree from Oklahoma City University. Before serving as Mayor, Holt served nearly eight years as a state senator. Mayor Holt is focused on continuing Oklahoma City’s momentum and working to ensure that it reaches every part of our City. His “one OKC” message illustrates his belief that Oklahoma City must maintain its unity to continue its progress. Mayor Holt and his wife Rachel are the proud parents of two children, George and Maggie. Learn more about Mayor Holt at

About Let’s Fix This

Let’s Fix This began in 2016 with a simple idea from its founder Andy Moore that if enough people felt encouraged to visit with their legislators, some positive changes could occur. After creating a Facebook event one evening and inviting his friends, Moore witnessed interest in the event skyrocket to nearly 600 people. Its mission is to educate and equip all Oklahomans to actively engage with their governments while simultaneously, making politics more interesting, accessible, useful, and easier to understand for regular, everyday people. To learn more about Let’s Fix This, check out the website at

About Generation Citizen

Generation Citizen (GC) works to ensure that every student in the U.S. receives an effective action civics education, which provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in our democracy as active citizens. As a national program that gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in democracy as active citizens, GC Oklahoma has programs in several secondary schools across the state of Oklahoma that culminates in student presentations of action plans at “Civics Days” at the end of each semester at the Oklahoma State Capitol. To learn more about Generation Citizen, visit

About Citizen University

Citizen University works to spread the belief that a strong democracy relies on strong citizens – that everyone has the power to make change happen in civic life, and that we have the responsibility to try. Citizen University envisions a great civic revival across our nation – our dream is a country in which Americans are steeped in a sense of civic character, educated in the tools of civic power and are problem-solving contributors in a self-governing community. For more information, visit

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