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Enroll in EMSAcare in September to cover your household for emergency ambulance service

Post Date:09/03/2019 9:33 AM

September is EMSAcare month in Oklahoma City, when residents may change their membership with the ambulance service from Sept. 1-30.

EMSAcare covers the out-of-pocket expenses for emergency ambulance transports anywhere in the EMSA service area, which is most of the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas. It applies to all permanent members of the household, regardless of their age or relationship to each other and even if they don’t have medical insurance.

Oklahoma City residents who are not member of EMSAcare can enroll by calling (405) 297-2833. You can also change it from within your online Utilities account, which you can access or sign up for at Enrollment results in a $3.65 monthly charge included on your OKC utility bill. Members who want a membership card can print one at

Visit for more information.

Even with good insurance coverage, a typical emergency ambulance ride can cost a patient about $800. It can cost more than $1,300 without insurance. EMSAcare covers everything a patient would owe.

Those enrolled in the program may also opt out during the election period, but will not be able to enroll again until September of next year. Those who opt-out may be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses associated with treatment.

If a resident takes no action, their enrollment status won’t change.

Residents living in multi-family housing units, such as apartments, who do not have an OKC utility account can check with their landlord to determine if they are enrolled in the program. If not, those residents can enroll directly with EMSA for an annual fee by calling (405) 396-2888.

People who live in retirement, assisted living and similar facilities are not eligible for the City program, but may enroll in EMSAcare directly through EMSA by calling (405) 396-2888.

Key program points include:

  • EMSAcare’s promise to patients: Whether insurance covers a little, a lot or nothing at all for emergency medical services, EMSAcare covers what insurance doesn’t.
  • How EMSAcare works: If insured, EMSA will request your insurance information to bill your provider for the transport. Then EMSAcare will cover any additional remaining fees or out-of-pocket expenses like co-payments or deductibles. Every patient will receive a statement from EMSA after an ambulance transport typically notifying the patient of the amount EMSA will bill the insurance provider or to request additional insurance information. If uninsured, EMSAcare will cover the costs for qualified emergency medical transports.
  • Which transports are covered: All emergency transports in EMSA’s service area are fully covered regardless of where you are picked up. The transport does not have to originate from your home. EMSA’s service area includes Oklahoma City, Edmond, Bethany, The Village, Mustang, Warr Acres, Yukon, Piedmont and the Tulsa metro area. There is no limit to the number of transports that are covered.
  • Program enrollment status: Current program participants will see their enrollment status noted as a medical services program fee on their water bill. For those who do not receive a water bill like residents of multi-housing units, City ordinance requires property managers to notify residents in writing if the property is covered by the EMSAcare program. If you do not know if you are covered, contact your property manager or the Utilities Department at (405) 297-2833.

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