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Review and submit feedback on bikewalkokc, OKC’s first cycling and pedestrian master plan

Post Date:03/07/2018 1:56 PM

Oklahoma City’s first master plan for pedestrians and cyclists is here.

The public comment period is open until March 21 for the draft of bikewalkokc, the City of Oklahoma City’s plan for improving our transportation network for cyclists and pedestrians.

“bikewalkokc is the product of years of careful analysis and planning, and the result is a plan that will guide decisions on physical investments to build an efficient, connected bicycle and pedestrian network,” said Planning Director Aubrey McDermid. “bikewalkokc makes specific recommendations for facilities that will serve the greatest number of users with the greatest needs.”

bikewalkokc will be presented to the Planning Commission on March 22 and City Council on April 10 for adoption.

Visit to access a link to the 149-page plan, which is embedded in an interactive viewer. Create an account to be able to provide feedback for Planning Department review.

About bikewalkokc

bikewalkokc is a plan designed to implement planokc, the City’s comprehensive plan for our community's growth and development.

Data analyzed as part of bikewalkokc includes the location of vehicle collisions with cyclists or pedestrians, existing infrastructure, employment and population density, demographics and opportunities for connectivity.

Using that data, bikewalkokc outlines specific locations for future investment in amenities like sidewalks, protected bike lanes, trails and more.

The goals, initiatives and policies related to walking and biking from planokc, as well as input from the public, stakeholders and the planning committee, shaped bikewalkokc’s priorities and recommendations. 

bikewalkokc has four goals:

  • Make walking and cycling safer in Oklahoma City.
  • Increase the number of people walking and cycling for transportation.
  • Connect neighborhoods to jobs, public transit, commercial districts, schools and parks.
  • Remove barriers to walking and cycling.

bikewalkokc sets out an eight-point plan for accomplishing those goals:

  • Increasing the availability of pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure.
  • Providing education for residents related to safe walking, cycling and driving.
  • Ensuring all new infrastructure is ADA accessible, and identifying locations that require retrofitting.
  • Empowering residents to be a part of active transportation decision-making.
  • Increasing bicycle and pedestrian connections from neighborhoods to the places people want to go.
  • Adding safe crossings over interstates, major arterials and water bodies.
  • Provide the needed investment to tip high-opportunity areas toward walkability.
  • Identify ordinances, statutes and other regulations that need to be updated for a more robust active transportation culture.

Public participation in creating bikewalkokc included a volunteer steering committee and a public resident survey that collected 1,738 responses.

Once adopted, bikewalkokc will provide information the City Council, the Community and Neighborhood Enhancement Advisory Board, the Planning Commission, City staff and other groups and stakeholders can consider for implementation.


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