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New green paint helps visibility for downtown bicycle lanes

Post Date:02/27/2017 9:01 AM

New, bright green paint for bicycle lanes at downtown intersections encourages safe driving and provides a glimpse of planned improvements to bicycle infrastructure in Oklahoma City.

The new green paint was added this winter to the bicycle lanes at intersections on Walker Avenue between Main Street and Robert S. Kerr Avenue, and Kerr between Walker and Broadway Avenue.

“The new paint is to help educate drivers who are new to using streets with marked bicycle lanes,” Public Works Director Eric Wenger said. “It’s a visible reminder for drivers to check blind spots for bicycle traffic before making a turn.”

For more tips on safe driving, cycling and walking, visit

More green paint on downtown bicycle lanes is coming with a planned, cooperative project from the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

How marked bicycle lanes work
Oklahoma City has marked bicycle lanes downtown, with plans for more included in the upcoming bikewalkokc master plan.

Drivers should not cross the solid line marking the bike lane unless they’re crossing it to park on the street, or pull into a driveway. The green paint at the intersection marks the lane, reminding the driver not to cross the bike lane until reaching the intersection and after checking for cyclists.

Marked bicycle lanes are different from bicycle routes. Bike lanes are marked with solid lines to provide a dedicated space for cyclists. Bicycle routes are marked with “sharrows” painted in the driving lane that indicate a cyclist can use the full lane of traffic, just like a motorized vehicle.

The upcoming bikewalkokc master plan, which will be presented to the Oklahoma City Council for formal adoption, outlines the framework for expanded bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in OKC. It includes plans for a network of trails, bike lanes, bike routes and sidewalks. Visit to learn more.

bikewalkokc will fulfill a requirement of planokc to develop a citywide bicycle and pedestrian master plan. planokc, the City of Oklahoma City’s comprehensive master plan, was adopted by the City Council in 2015.

Bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, along with street and traffic improvements, are among possible projects to be included in the 2017 Bond Election. Visit to take an online survey and learn more.

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