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Oklahoma City residents are more satisfied with City services than residents of other large cities

Post Date:07/31/2013

Oklahoma City residents have a very positive perception of the City and a higher level of satisfaction with City services than in other large cities in the United States.  That was the news given to the City Council today when Chris Tatham, president of ETC Institute, presented the results of a recent citizen satisfaction survey.

Eight out of ten Oklahoma City residents who responded to the survey think Oklahoma City is a good place to live, raise children and work.   Their ratings were from nine to 13 percent above the national average for large U.S. cities.  Seven out of ten residents feel their neighborhood is a great place to live.

Although the ratings remained similar to last year, citizen satisfaction with the City’s appearance and image, overall quality of City services and how well the City is planning for growth rated well above national averages.

“Oklahoma City continues to set the standard of quality for City services for cities with a population over 200,000,” Tatham said.  “City residents rated Oklahoma City significantly above the national average in 13 areas.”

  • Sixty-eight percent of citizens surveyed were satisfied with the overall quality of City services provided, ranking Oklahoma City 19 percent above the national average for large cities in the United States.

  • Residents ranked how well the City is planning growth 29 percent above the national average.

  • The quality of customer service was ranked 23 percent above the national average.

  • The City’s communications with the public ranked 15 percent above the national average.

Other survey results show:

  • Citizen’s overall satisfaction with public safety is generally higher in Oklahoma City than other larger cities.  Nine out of 10 residents were satisfied with the quality of fire service; eight out of 10 were satisfied with ambulance services and seven out of 10 were satisfied with police service. 

  • Most residents are satisfied with City Utility Services.  Eight out of 10 residents are satisfied with residential trash collection and water services. 

  • Residents were most satisfied with the location and maintenance of City parks, recreation opportunities along the Oklahoma River and City golf courses.

The maintenance of city streets continues to rate by a large majority as the number one priority citizens feel should be addressed in the next two years. Their overall satisfaction with the condition of major streets was rated significantly below the national average.

Residents also felt the flow of traffic/ease of getting around town and the quality of police services were important for the City to emphasize over the next two years.

This is the seventh year ETC Institute of Olathe, Kansas has conducted the citizen satisfaction survey.  The six-page survey was mailed to a random sample of 3,000 Oklahoma City households in June. Of those, 1,236 residents responded.

The full survey results are available on the City’s website,

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