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City Council approves additional funding for MAPS 3 sidewalks

Post Date:12/04/2013

(December 4, 2013) - Oklahoma City Council passed a resolution on Tuesday to increase the MAPS 3 sidewalk budget by $9 million, bringing the sidewalk’s project budget up to $18.1 million.

According to City Manager Jim Couch the additional funding will allow the City to get closer to building the 70 miles of sidewalks estimated in the MAPS 3 Implementation Plan. The funds are coming from the Capital Improvement Sales Tax and interest income which is approximately $21 million above the projected target.

Construction on the first MAPS 3 sidewalk began in July, 2013. Sidewalk locations were selected based on criteria set by the MAPS 3 Sidewalks and Trails Subcommittee.  Sidewalk widths range from five to six feet depending on how far they are from the curb.

The following MAPS 3 sidewalk alignments are either recently constructed, in design or have been put out for bid. More sidewalks will be added as MAPS 3 progresses.

1             Western Avenue from Hefner Road to Britton Road
2              NW 63rd from Meridian Avenue to Ann Arbor Terrace
3              MacArthur Blvd from Wilshire Blvd to Britton Road
4              Classen from NW 34th to NW 35th to NW 38th to NW 49th
5              May Ave from Hefner Rd to Quail Creek Rd north of NW 122nd
6              Penn Avenue from Memorial Road to N 122nd
7              Meridian Avenue from NW 63rd to NW 50th
8              Western Avenue from SW 104th to SW 98th
9              May Avenue from SW 59th to SW 61st and from SW 80th to SW 89th (removed
             from line 10, being the same alignment)
10            Pennsylvania Avenue from SW 96th to SW 104th
11            Pennsylvania Avenue from SW 59th and SW 61st to SW 74th
12            Pennsylvania Avenue from SW 77th to SW 84th
13            May Avenue from SW 29th to SW 59th
14            SE 44th Street from Shields to Walker Avenue
15            May Avenue from NW 50th to NW 63rd
16            May Avenue from NW 36th to NW 50th
17            May Avenue from NW 63rd to Wilshire Boulevard
18            Western Avenue from SW 74th to SW 80th
19            Western Avenue from SW 39th to SW 29th
20            NW 122nd Street from May Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue
21            SW 44th Street from Pennsylvania Avenue to Blackwelder Avenue
22            Meridian Avenue from NW 23rd Street to NW 36th Street
23            NE 63rd Street from Broadway Extension Service Road to N. Martin Luther King
24            Western Avenue from SW 59th Street to SW 44th Street
25            SW 44th Street from May Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue
26            Martin Luther King Boulevard from NE 23rd Street to NE 32nd Street
27            Pennsylvania Avenue from Hefner Road to NW 122nd Street
28            SW 89th from Western Avenue to Santa Fe Avenue
29            May Avenue from NW 10th Street to NW 19th Street
30            Portland Avenue from NW 50th Street to NW 63rd Street
31            Pennsylvania Avenue from SW 29th to Grand Avenue and SW 15th Street to SW
             23rd Street
32            NW 30th Street from Pennsylvania Avenue to Indiana Avenue
33            May Avenue from NW 30th Street to NW 36th Street
34            Pennsylvania Avenue from SW 59th Street to SW 44th Street
35            Pennsylvania Avenue from NW 23rd Street to NW 36th Street
36            Hefner Road from Rockwell Avenue to MacArthur Boulevard

While the MAPS 3 investment in sidewalks is $18 million, more than $73 million in 2007 GO Bond Issue and MAPS 3 funds are being used to build new sidewalks and trails citywide.

The MAPS 3 Sidewalks and Trails Subcommittee provides guidance to the project and is made up of nine mayor-appointed citizens: Chairman Susan Hooper, Vice Chair Zane Boatright, Russell Pace, Georgie Rasco, Hal McKnight, Scott Buxton, Pam Henry, Brent Gaddis and Joshua Harlow.

MAPS 3 updates are available by subscribing to the MAPS 3 e-newsletter at Updates are also available on Log on to for project details and to read the implementation plan.

About MAPS 3
MAPS 3 is a $777 million construction program designed to improve the quality of life in Oklahoma City.  It is funded by a one-cent sales tax initiative that began in April 2010 and ends in December 2017. MAPS 3 funds eight projects: Downtown Convention Center, Downtown Public Park, Modern Streetcar/Transit, Oklahoma River Improvements, Oklahoma State Fairgrounds Improvements, Senior Health and Wellness Centers, Trails and Sidewalks.

Contact:  Kristy Yager
297-2550 / 863-2831

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