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Curbside Recycling

If you want to help the environment and hold down landfill costs, or just save room in your big Big Blue, you'll like our weekly curbside recycling service. Just put your recyclables into your Little Blue and place it at the curb by 6 a.m. on the same day as your regular trash service.

If you need a Little Blue call 405 297-2833.

We'll sort your recyclables for you.

Accepted Recyclable Items

Plastics 1-7
(Be sure to empty and rinse all plastic containers.)

Mixed Paper and Newspaper

Aluminum and Tin Cans
(Be sure to empty and rinse all plastic containers. You do not need to remove labels.)

Glass bottle and jars
(Be sure to rinse and remove lids from jars and bottles. You do not need to remove labels.)

We do not take


Mixed Paper and Newspaper




Curbside recycling is just the beginning of a successful plan to reduce the amount of trash we send to our landfills.  By recycling beyond the bin, you’ll join Oklahoma City in its efforts to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

* Take these items to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at S.W. 15th and Portland. For more information, call 405 682-7038.

Recycling plastic

There are many different kinds of plastic. We pick up seven kinds identified as type 1 through type 7. Look for these markings like these (numbered 1-7) on plastic containers:

Recycling symbols

Sometimes these marks are extremely small, so look carefully.

Please put small, loose items in paper sacks and place heavier items on top. Anything not on the "accepted" list will be left in the bin.

Items not accepted for curbside recycling such as cardboard boxes and computer equipment can be dropped off at a local recycling center.