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Big Blue

Be sure Big Blue is at the curb before 6:00 in the morning on your Collection Day.

You must not put Big Blue on the curb before 7 p. m. or one hour before sunset, whichever is earlier, the day before pickup.

Big Blue must be taken back from the curb no later than 8 p.m. the day after collection.

Place Big Blues at least five feet apart, and at least five feet from cars, mailboxes, trees and other obstructions. Make sure it's within four feet of the curb.

Do you have LOTS of trash?

A second Big Blue is free. If you have more to throw away than even two Big Blues can hold, we offer extra cart service for $3.14 a cart per month.

picture of two BlueWorks big blues

Or just a little trash?

Use Big Blue for awhile and if you find it really does have more room than you'll ever need, call us about getting a smaller cart.

Yard Waste

Yard waste includes grass cuttings, pulled weeds and small branches. You may dispose of yard waste by putting it in Big Blue. If you fill two Big Blues, we'll also take bagged waste.

If you use a commercial yard service, it's up to them to get rid of your cuttings and other waste. We don't pick up yard waste left behind by commercial yard services.