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Solid Waste Management

The Solid Waste Management Division makes sure trash is picked up across the City. City crews service about 69,000 customers and the contracted crews service 91,000 more.

Take out the trash

6 a.m. weekly collection day.
Big Blue should be on the curb with lids closed, waiting for the trash truck to arrive. All trash, including bagged yard waste, should be inside Big Blue. It’s a good idea to set them out late in the evening before. Be sure to bag all waste before placing it in Big Blue.

Weekly collection day map (PDF)

Big Blue should face the street but not be in the street.
Make sure trash trucks can get to your cart. Place it at least five feet from obstacles, such as mailboxes, shrubs, fire hydrants and cars. It’s best not to park in the street on collection day.

By 8 p.m. the next day.
Keep your neighborhood neat and clean. Put empty carts away at the rear or side of your house as soon as possible or a least by 8 p.m. the next day.

Need a second Big Blue?

If you find yourself with more trash than trash can every week, it's time to order a second Big Blue. The second Blue costs you nothing.

But you have to ask for one to get one. Call 405 297-2833 for more information.

City crews will not collect trash left at the curb in commercial trash cans - that is, the kind of outdoor can you buy at the store. We pick up trash with trucks using mechanical arms, and they can only handle the Big Blues issued by the City.

Extra help with yard waste,
when you need it most

For residents in the urban service areas (see map), we will collect plastic trash bags if you have two full Big Blues at curbside.

Bulky Waste pickup every month

Bulky Waste is the stuff that's too big and awkward to fit in Big Blue. It can be almost anything, including furniture and old appliances. We pick up Bulky Waste once a month. Check the map to find out the pickup day in your neighborhood. It's also on your water bill.

Old Sofa

On your Bulky Waste day, set your junk out at your usual curbside spot (arm's length from the curb) and we'll haul it away. Your old broken washing machine, couches, tree limbs, almost anything you've got that won't fit in Big Blue we'll haul away for you on Bulky Waste day. Read the setout guide before you put Bulky Waste out.

The first four cubic yards is free, but residents will be charged $10.46 for each cubic yard over four. Four cubic yards is estimated to be the size of two refrigerators.

You still might need a friend to help carry the old couch to the curb, but with Bulky Waste pickup you probably won't have to borrow his pickup anymore. (Or lend yours!)


Trash Collection
11501 N. Portland Ave
Oklahoma City, OK, 73120
405 297-2833
FAX 405 755-8946