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Public Safety

Public Safety is a high priority

Public Safety spending consumes 55% of the City's General Fund budget.

Police and Fire get even more revenue through the dedicated three-quarter cent Public Safety Sales Tax.

In addition to traditional police and fire responsibilities, public safety has broadened to include various emergency services ranging from 'routine' emergency medical response to disaster rescue and recovery.

Chemical or biological accidents and now the threat of weapons of mass destruction have further expanded the role of municipal public safety.

The definition of public safety today includes crime and fire prevention programs as well as public education regarding health and safety.

While Police and Fire are distinct departments, they work together in public safety situations. Meth lab raids require hazmat support. Automobile accidents may require specialized equipment, such as the 'jaws of life'.

Emergency service planning is handled by the Police Department but involves Fire paramedics who serve as first responders as well as EMSA’s emergency medical services and County and State Health Departments that work with the federal Center for Disease Control.

The municipal court handles tickets issued by fire and environmental inspectors as well as the police department.

In addition to the City’s public safety function, emergency medical services are provided by EMSA, a trust that oversees advanced out-of-hospital emergency medicine.

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