Traffic Commission  

City of Oklahoma City

The Traffic Commission meets the third Monday of each month, at 1:30 P.M. in the City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, 200 N. Walker.

The Oklahoma City Traffic Commission was established by city ordinance 2-741.  The general duties of the commission are to:

  • Coordinate traffic activities

  • Receive complaints and conduct hearings

  • Exercise supervisory direction over the planning of facilities for traffic movement

  • Exercise supervisory direction over the marking and signalization of highways

  • Request surveys and engineering studies

  • Make recommendations

 2016 Meeting Schedule

January 22, 2016 Friday
February 15, 2016 Monday
March 21, 2016 Monday
April 18, 2016 Monday
May 16, 2016 Monday
June 20, 2016 Monday
July 18, 2016 Monday
August 15, 2016   Monday
September 19, 2016 Monday
October 17, 2016 Monday

November 21, 2016 


December 19, 2016 


Traffic Commission Meeting Rules 

  • Traffic Commission meetings begin at 1:30 sharp .

  • Please be seated by this time. 

  • If you are speaking on an item, arrive a few minutes early and see Jill Walsh at the front of the room to receive a blue card. 

  • Fill out the required information and return it to Jill Walsh.

  • Each person must limit his or her speech to five minutes.

Traffic Commission Quick Links

For Information on how to submit items to the Traffic Commission,  Please call 405-297-2531 or visit the Traffic Management Home Page.

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