Small & Disadvantaged Local Businesses

 City of Oklahoma City

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The City is looking for local small businesses to work on
 public construction projects

Local small contractors and businesses interested in subcontracting on public construction projects are encouraged to register with the City.

The City is compiling a registry of local small and disadvantaged contractors and businesses that want to subcontract on City construction projects.

The new registry will be made available to general and prime contractors who get City construction projects.

Interested businesses can register by:

  •  completing a the downloadable form below and faxing to (405)297-2117

  •  or emailing the completed form to

For Subcontractors

Subcontractor Registration Form
(Downloadable PDF Form)

For Prime Contractors

Subcontracting Plan
(Downloadable PDF Form)

Project Closeout Form
(Downloadable PDF Form)

Standard Specification 103.14
Small & Disadvantaged Local Business Program

(Downloadable PDF Form)


If you have any questions, please contact
Steve Gravlin or Paul Bronson @ (405) 297-2581,
or email

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