City of Oklahoma City

The Director of  The Public Works Department and The City Engineer is
Mr. Eric J. Wenger, P.E.

This Division supervises and coordinates the functions of seven  divisions within the Public Works Department. These are Street and Drainage Maintenance; Traffic Management; Street, Bridge and Drainage Engineering; Field Services; Development Center; and Storm Water Quality.

The Administration Division develops departmental strategies in order to implement policies approved by the City Council and the City Manager.

Administration also furnishes the expertise and direction necessary to implement all general obligations bond projects, and other projects included in Capital Improvement Plans. Specific duties include obtaining consulting design services and coordination of in-house staff to ensure capital improvement projects are built in a timely manner.

This division also acts as a liaison between Public Works Department staff and the numerous boards, commissions, and citizen groups.

Public Works

Here are links to common forms that are required for doing 
business with The City of Oklahoma City.

Consultant Selection Procedures

Insurance Certificate

Architectural, Engineering and Testing Claim Form

Contractor Claim Form

254 Form (PDF)

254 Form Instruction set (PDF)

The Following is the City's Standard A&E Contract.  Please note the City's requirements for indemnity and insurance.

AE Contract (City or Trust)

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Sound System Study Report - Marsh/PMK International, LLC

On November 27, 2007, the Oklahoma City Council amended Municipal Code Chapter 50 and added Section 50-13, which became effective on December 27, 2007. § 50-13 created a revocable permitting process for work within public right-of-way that obstructs a street or sidewalk.


Until a work zone permit application is approved by the City, any and all work or activity within public right-of-way that obstructs a street and/or sidewalk is unauthorized and all unauthorized closures, “for any reason other than an actual emergency or a procession escorted by a Police Officer” is a Class “b” offense, which carries with it a fine not exceeding $1,200.00 and/or up to six (6) months in jail.


If a work zone permit is needed, it is best to file it at least two (2) full working days in advance of the need. An application received at the end of business on Friday may not be approved until the end of business on the following Tuesday, provided that Monday is not a holiday observed by the City.


Contact the Traffic Management Division for more information or assistance.

Two Projects by Public Works:

Classen Extension

New Roadway on North Side of Lake Hefner

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The Public Works Department
Mr. Eric J. Wenger, Department Head
420 West Main, 7th Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: (405) 297- 2581
Fax: (405) 297-2117