City of Oklahoma City
Industrial Permit Forms     

Filename File Description
SWQ Industrial NOI Form Notice of Intent for Industrial
SWQ Industrial NOT Form Notice of Termination for Industrial
SWQ No Exposure Certificate OKC-SWQ IND 3
SWQ Affidavit of No Discharge
(updated 01/15)
OKC-SWQ Form and 1
SWQ InActive-unStaffed Certificate OKC-SWQ Form USC-1
DEQ DMR Discharge Monitoring for NELMS
SWP3-Guide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
SWP3-Worksheets Worksheet #1 thru #11
SWP3 Notebook Set-up Guide OKC Guidelines for SWP3 Notebook
Visual Monitoring-Multiple Outfalls Quarterly Visual Monitoring Reports
Mining In addition to filling out the Mining please fill out an NOI form
Cosmetic Cleaning Permit
Cosmetic Cleaning NOT Form Notice of Termination for Cosmetic Cleaning
Cosmetic Cleaning Self Inspection Report



Construction Permit Forms    


File Description

 Cover Sheet

Cover Sheet for BMP
 Table of Contents 1.1-8.4 Table of Contents
 Introduction 1.1-1.5 Introduction & Background


2.1-2.6 Contacts & Websites

 OKC Municipal Code

3.1-3.9 OKC Municipal code - Chapter 48
 Permitting Process 4.1-4.4 OKC BMP Permitting Process
 Inspections & Maintenance 5.1 - 5.7 BMP Inspections & Maintenance
 Forms 6.1-6.7 OKC BMP Forms
 NOI Form (C1) 6.1 OKC-SWQ Form C1 NOI for construction activity
 SWPPP 6.2 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan < 1 acre
 NOT Form (C2) 6.3 Notice of NOT for Industrial or Construction Activity
 Contractors Cert. Form 6.4 Contractors Certification Form
 DEQ NOI 6.5 DEQ Notice of Intent of 1 acre or more
 DEQ NOT 6.6 DEQ Notice of Termination with industrial or constr.
 SWPPP Template 6.7 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan template
 7.0  BMP Detail Sheet 7.1 - 7.20 listing of the BMP Detail Sheets
  Silt Fence 7.1 Silt Fence
  Triangular Silt Dikes 7.2 Triangular Silt Dikes
  Straw Wattle Installation 7.3  Straw Wattle Installation
  T.R Constr Entrance / Exit 7.4 Temp Rock Construction Entrance / Exit
  T.R. Entrance/Exit Steep 7.5 Temp Rock Construction Entrance Exit - Steep Grades
  R.B Silt Fence 7.6  Rock Bag Silt Fence
  Rock.Check Dams 7.7 Rock Check Dams
  R.B.Check Dams 7.8 Rock Bag Check Dams
  R.B. Curb Inlet Barrier 7.9 Rock Bag Curb Inlet Barrier
  R.B. Drop Inlet Sed Barrier 7.10 Rock Bag/Filter Mat Drop Inlet Sediment Barrier
  C.I. Filter Mat Sed Barrier 7.11 Curb inlet Filter Mat Sediment Barrier
  C.I. Sediment Bag 7.12 Curb inlet Sediment Bag
  D.I. Sediment Bag 7.13 Drop Inlet Sediment Bag
  New Roadways 7.14 New Roadways
  Concrete Flume 7.15 Concrete Flume
  E.B & Turf Mats-slope 7.16 Erosion Blanket/ Turf Reinforce Maps - Slope Install
  E,B & Turf Mats-Channel 7.17 Erosion Blanket/ Turf Reinforce Maps - Channel Install
  Energy Dissipater 7.18  Energy Dissipater
Typical Sedimentation Basin 7.19 Typical Sedimentation Basin
Typical Earth Dike 7.20  Typical Earth Dike
Other BMPs 8.1-8.4 Other BMPs
Entire Manual All Pages Combined


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