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City Council Priorities
The City of Oklahoma City

Our priorities are grounded in the lessons of the City’s history and the values of inclusiveness, mutual respect and self-reliance that are the hallmarks of our future.

We see our diversity as a source of strength and an important resource for our City.  We will be responsive to our citizens’ needs as we address these priorities and continue to deliver what we promise.  Our comprehensive plan (planokc) expresses the vision, goals and strategies to guide the City’s growth in the coming decades and provides a tangible reflection of the City’s priorities.  The trust of our citizens is the cornerstone value we will strive to maintain as we move forward together.

Provide a Safe and Secure Community

Citizens expect to live in a safe City with safe neighborhoods. Reducing crime, preventing and responding to fire and medical emergencies quickly are the expectations we have for our public safety departments.

Progress Indicators:

Maintain Strong Financial Management

Prudent financial leadership will allow us to continue to meet citizen needs and maintain citizen confidence as we uphold our commitment to manage cost growth within available revenues.  Growing the revenue base through greater diversification of revenue sources and promoting greater opportunity for our citizens to earn higher incomes will help the City meet the needs of our citizens as the City grows.  Sound financial leadership from elected, appointed and professional City staff is our expectation.  While we will continually look for greater efficiency within the City organization, we will also continue to pursue opportunities to join with other jurisdictions to provide services more efficiently across the region.

Progress Indicators:

Develop a Transportation System That Works for All Citizens

A transportation system that gets people where they need to go in a timely manner and accommodates various means of mobility is necessary to connect citizens and businesses.  Improving the condition of streets is the top priority of our citizens and will continue to receive significant investment in the coming years.  We are making strides toward becoming more pedestrian and cyclist friendly through better planning, design and construction of complete streets, sidewalks, and trails.  There is also a growing interest in improving public transportation within Oklahoma City and the central Oklahoma region.  Regional solutions and funding for public transportation are a prerequisite to effectively serve the region and maximize the effectiveness of the system.

Progress Indicators:

Promote Thriving Neighborhoods

Vibrant and diverse neighborhoods are the building blocks of a great city.  The City will continue to promote strong neighborhoods by providing effective code enforcement, policing and support for neighborhood revitalization efforts.   The City’s strategic land use development policies will help our City grow without compromising the ability to achieve our other priorities.

Progress Indicators:

Support High Quality Public Education

Public education that produces graduates who are prepared for future success provides the foundation for a strong community.  We must encourage accountability in public education and find new ways to partner with the Oklahoma City Public Schools, other school districts, businesses and community groups to improve educational outcomes for our children. 

Progress Indicators:

Enhance Recreation Opportunities and Community Wellness

We are committed to providing quality recreational opportunities, communicating more effectively with the public about the options available and working with our partners to promote healthy living.  To provide convenient and attractive options for citizens our parks and recreation facilities will be well maintained and provide a wide variety of recreational offerings that appeal to all of our citizens. 

Progress Indicators:

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Adopted by the Mayor and City Council October 23, 2012.

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