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Planning Commission

Oklahoma City Planning Commissioners:

At Large John Yoeckel, Chair
Ward 1 J. Michael Hensley
Ward 2 Janis Powers
Ward 3 Buck Irwin
Ward 4 Jim Allen
Ward 5 Todd Ehlers
Ward 6 Bob Bright
Ward 7 Lee E. Cooper Jr.
Ward 8 Patrick Ryan

The Planning Commission consists of nine residents of the City appointed by the Mayor with the consent and approval of the City Council.

One member is appointed from each ward and one at-large member. The Commission meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 1:30 pm in the Council Chambers, Third Floor, Municipal Building, 200 North Walker Avenue. The Planning Commission Secretary is the Planning Director, and the Planning Commission is staffed by the Development Services Department.

The Planning Commission adopts the Comprehensive Plan. A comprehensive plan is a policy document used by city leaders, developers, business owners and citizens to make decisions about future growth and development. This document provides long range policy direction for land use, transportation, economic development, housing, public services, and natural and cultural resources. It serves as a guide for elected and public officials by providing the framework for evaluating development proposals. It lays out a community vision and priorities and describes, where, how, and in some cases when, development should occur.

A new comprehensive plan for Oklahoma City, planokc, was adopted by the Planning Commission on July 9, 2015 and by the City Council on July 21, 2015.  Visit for more information.

The Planning Commission is the recommending body for all zoning applications. The Planning Commission recommends approval or denial based on the Comprehensive Plan. The application is forwarded to the City Council with the Planning Commission’s recommendation. The application is ultimately decided by the City Council.

The Planning Commission also adopts the Oklahoma City Subdivision Regulations. These regulations provide for the proper arrangement of streets, open spaces, traffic, utilities, access of firefighting apparatus, recreation, and for the avoidance of population congestion, including minimum width and area of lots.

Planning Commission Policies/Guidelines Updates

Date Update Description
1983 Adopt By-Laws and Rules of Order Adopted official By-Laws and Rules of Order
12/18/1997 Amend By-Laws

Amended the By-Laws:

1. Change the regular meetings dates when in conflict with legal holidays

2. Administrative Procedure of the Commission, no amendment shall be made on the floor of the Commission unless it is listed in the staff report as an alternative.

3. Continuance request will be considered on case by case basis.

4. The order of business for Planning Commission meeting

5. Public Hearing Procedure

07/10/2003 Amend By-Laws Established the Urban Development Committee
10/26/2006 Policy Established policy to request that, in certain situations, applicants submit detailed traffic studies, prepared by a qualified expert, showing the anticipated traffic impacts of the requested zoning on such public traffic facilities
01/11/2007 Policy Established sign policies for PUD and SPUD rezoning applications
05/10/2007 Guidelines Established guidelines for naming or renaming any public street, bridge, alley and/or way
10/03/2007 Guidelines Adopted Design Guidelines for Mini-Storage Units
09/08/2008 Guidelines Established Design Guidelines for Appearance Corridors for Planned Unit Developments and Simplified Planned Unit Developments
10/09/2008 Guidelines Established guidelines for accepting written documents relating to pending applications
04/09/2009 Guidelines Adopted Design Guideline Options for Residential Garages
02/25/2010 Policy Policy requiring traffic impact analyses for development applications for subdivisions and rezonings.
07/14/2011 Amend By-Laws Deleted the maximum 3 consecutive term limit for the Chairman and established that the Chair shall also serve as the Chair of the Urban Development Committee.
10/13/2011 Policy Amending sign policies for PUD and SPUD rezoning applications
02/23/2012 Policy Policy encouraging adverse parties in contested cases to participate in non-binding mediation.