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Homelessness in Oklahoma City

Understanding homelessness is the first step to creating solutions.

Oklahoma City began struggling with the issues surrounding homelessness more than a decade ago. During the 1970s, the successes of the oil industry and agriculture masked the growing population who were becoming homeless. During the last four decades, the number of people on the street and the number of families losing their housing has steadily increased. Also, during this time, a large number of public, private and faith-based agencies created their own programs to serve the homeless population.

Oklahoma City is moving away from the belief that emergency shelters are the answer toward a more lasting solution of a housing-first approach.

How Oklahoma City is addressing homelessness:

Oklahoma City continues to work toward achieving the goal of ending homelessness through collaboration with non-profit agencies, the faith-based community and state agencies.

For information about Oklahoma City's homelessness program, contact the Planning Department's Housing and Community Development Division at 405-297-2846.