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Core to Shore

Frequently-asked Questions

Answers to questions posed at the December 13, 2006 public meeting can be found here.

Answers to questions posed at the April 10, 2007 public meeting can be found here.

Who is participating in the Core to Shore Planning Study?

The City of Oklahoma City is facilitating this study in conjunction with a Steering Committee led by Mayor Mick Cornett and a multidisciplinary consultant team from URS Corporation, Colorado Springs. Leadership for the Core to Shore Project includes broad participation from private citizens and the public sector. The Steering Committee will establish task forces to include a range of interests and encourage participation with the public, such as neighborhoods, services for homeless persons, culture, arts, open space, business development, and land use.

The Steering Committee is scheduled to meet monthly through April 2007. Meetings for the general public are scheduled for December 2006 and March 2007.

How will the Core to Shore Planning Study work?

The Core to Shore Planning Study will examine the how the I-40 realignment will affect the areas between downtown Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma River in two phases.

Phase I: July 2006 – April 2007. Phase I will focus on the 590 acres between downtown and the Oklahoma River, roughly between Shartel Avenue and I-35/235. It includes analysis of existing transportation, economic, social, and environmental conditions; opportunities for redevelopment, design of the new boulevard, and an implementation strategy.

Phase II: estimated May 2007-March 2008. Phase II will focus on implementation and include design guidelines and refined redevelopment plans for the entire study area of 1375 acres. The entire study area includes the 590 acres in Phase I plus an additional 785 acres, covering I-35/235 to Villa Avenue between Reno Avenue to the river.

Throughout the process, the consultant team will meet with City staff, the Steering Committee, and the public to present results of analysis and recommendations. The study will follow these steps: Analyze the current conditions and expected changes from the new freeways Discuss the opportunities that will arise from the changes Identify several visions and planning approaches for the area’s future Select one or more preferred plans for the combination of desired developments Identify strategies to facilitating the area’s private development

Will the public have an opportunity to participate?

Yes. Two public meetings are scheduled as a part of the planning process. Those meetings are set for December 2006 and March 2007. Additionally, the Steering Committee will have task forces led by members who will connect with a range of stakeholders throughout the study.

How will existing homes and businesses be affected by the recommendations of this study?

The study is intended to facilitate private development in areas where the market is favorable. Private parties who wish to acquire property have already approached several property owners in the area and it is likely that this interest will continue. The plan recommendations could include putting in new sidewalks, parks, and other public amenities. If the land needed to complete these amenities were in private ownership, it would likely be acquired by negotiated sale.

What type of development can we expect and when will it happen?

The purpose of the Core to Shore Planning Study is to identify the right types of development opportunities and timing. One of the goals is to ensure the area south of downtown is developed to be complimentary to, not competitive with investments in downtown. In addition to development, the study will focus on mobility and flow, how people move around, and neighborhood quality.

The plan that comes out of this study will address the following goals:

The plan that comes out of this study will be a long-term plan with phases. Part of the study’s intent is to identify “catalyst” developments that come first, drawing interest to the area and spurring additional development. Many locations for development will be in the path of reconstruction until 2011.

Where can I find more in-depth information?

The City’s Project Manager for Core to Shore can be reached at 405 297-1740 or

Agendas and synopses of previous steering committee and public meetings can be found here.