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800 Mhz trunked radio
Public Safety Capital Projects

The City has contracted with M/A-COM of Lowell, Massachusetts to install an Enhanced Digital Access Communications System (EDACS) at a cost of $24.5 million as a part of City-wide trunked radio system.

The system will replace 35 radio channels now used by the City.

In Oklahoma City, emergency radio had not changed much from the 'calling all cars' technology you see in old movies.

walkie talk8ieEDACS – a proprietary system developed by Com-Net Ericsson – makes using a two-way radio more like using a telephone. The sound quality is a lot better than 2-way radio, too. EDACS is used by public safety and emergency response agencies all over the world.

EDACS and similar systems are called 'trunked radio' because they handle radio traffic much the same way the phone company uses 'trunk lines': dozens of calls using the same network simultaneously, but isolated so that one conversation doesn't interfere with another. Of course, EDACS also allows messages to be broadcast to all users, or a particular group of users.

EDACS also supports transmission of computer data.