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Offender Registrations

The Oklahoma City Police Department has an Offender Registration Unit that coordinates the registration of sex offenders and violent offenders residing in Oklahoma City limits.  This information is reported to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections which maintains the statewide Oklahoma Sex and Violent Crime Offender Registry. 


Click here to be notified by email when sex offenders register near a home, work or school address of interest to you.  A confirmation email will be sent to your account to complete the process. 

Oklahoma Sex and Violent Crime Offender Registry

Click here to search for registered sex or violent crime offenders.  For example, you can enter your zip code to search for all offenders registered in your zip code area.  It is important to be aware of all registered offenders residing in your neighborhood. If an offender is habitual and/or an aggravated offender, the listing will indicate it. 

An aggravated offender is one who has a previous sex offense conviction and then is subsequently convicted of an offense specifically involving sexual abuse or sexual exploitation.  A habitual offender is one who has a previous sex offense conviction and then is subsequently convicted of a general sex-related offense as outlined in statute.

Delinquent Offenders Statewide

Offenders who do not follow certain registration requirements are considered by the Department of Corrections to be delinquent. View a list of delinquent offenders here.  Delinquent offenders are often not residing at their registered address.  If you know the whereabouts of any delinquent offender listed statewide, there is a place on their listing to submit a note regarding the offender.  Helpful information would include where they are currently living and/or working. 

Check For Offenders by Oklahoma City Address

Another way you can search for registered offenders in your area is by entering a specific address in Oklahoma City limits.  Click here to access the Oklahoma State Sex Offender Registry search tool and search by address by selecting MAP SEARCH on the left side of the page. 

Laws Addressing Offenders Required To Register

Click here to access Title 57 of Oklahoma State Statute.  See Chapter 8B for the Sex Offenders Registration Act and Chapter 8C for the Mary Rippy Violent Crime Offenders Registration Act.  Click here to access Title 21 on the Zone of Safety Around Schools, Child Care Facilities, Playgrounds, and Parks.  Click here to see how offenders are assigned their level by the Department of Corrections based on their offense conviction.

Information For Offenders

If you are an offender residing or wanting to reside in Oklahoma City limits and you are required by law to register with local law enforcement,  you must come to the Offender Registration Unit at the Oklahoma City Police Department.  It is located at 701 W. Main in Oklahoma City.  Office hours for registrations are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Registrations on Friday are done between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  Offenders should not call or e-mail the office – all registration transactions including address checks must be done in person.  Personnel at the Offender Registration Unit will assist offenders (in person at the office) to check addresses to find a location to reside that is not in a prohibited area.  Registration violations are taken seriously and will be investigated and presented for prosecution when appropriate.

How To Report Possible Registration Violations

If citizens have any immediate safety concern involving a registered offender, they should call 911 and have an Oklahoma City Police Officer respond to the scene.  If a citizen has information about an offender in Oklahoma City limits required to register who is not actually staying at their listed registered address, that information can be reported to the Offender Registration Unit by e-mail by clicking here. Please include as much specific information as possible.  You can remain anonymous or include your contact information if you would like.  Possible registration violations will be investigated and presented for prosecution when appropriate.