City of Oklahoma City


Oklahoma City Police Association

THE OKLAHOMA CITY POLICE ASSOCIATION INC., operates from the principal location of 701 Colcord Drive, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The purpose of the Police Association shall be to make available to its members and such others as from time to time may be designated, the benefits of acting in concert to accomplish such amenities as are desirable for those who share a professional interest in the Oklahoma City Police Department.  Such amenities may include assisting injured, sick or deceased members and their immediate family; to provide a means and procedure for members to contribute voluntarily for the aid, assistance or relief of the designated beneficiaries of deceased members.  The Police Association assists in recognizing citizens and police personnel for heroic actions and exemplary service; donating to organizations and groups for the good of the membership; and assisting members with representing the Police Department or the Police Association in an activity that reflects favorably upon the Police Department or the Police Association.

THE OKLAHOMA CITY POLICE ASSOCIATION, INC., is managed by a board of Trustees elected from the membership.  The Board of Trustees for 2008/2009 are:

  • Lynne Bonner-Jackson

  • Cindy Braziel

  • Dennis Buckley

  • Cris Cunningham

  • Mat French

  • Ed Hill

  • Charlie Phillips

  • Stan Van Nort