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The City of Oklahoma City

Transit symposium set to address regional public transportation – Feb. 26

(February 18, 2013) - The public is invited to attend a free public transit symposium from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 26 at the Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market, 311 S Klein. 

The symposium will address the future of Oklahoma City and regional public transportation.  The event is hosted by Oklahoma City Councilman Dr. Ed Shadid and the Oklahoma Alliance for Public Transportation.

“Over the next months and years many important decisions regarding our transit systems will be made,” Shadid said.  “City leaders, myself included, need your input on what will be best for Oklahoma City.”

Symposium speakers include transit planning consultant Jarrett Walker, Ward 2 Councilman Dr. Ed Shadid, Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce CEO Roy Williams and ACOG’s Transportation director Doug Rex.

The featured speaker, Jarrett Walker, is the author of the book and blog “Human Transit.” Walker, a Portland, OR resident, explains the questions that need to be asked in terms of the local choices which lead to transit-friendly development, the process of fitting technology to our community, the optimization of our existing bus lines, the development of a regional transit authority and a dedicated funding source for transit.

“To achieve what you want to achieve in Oklahoma City, you will need not just great rail projects, but also to reimagine the bus,” Walker said. “As an expert, my job is not to make you share my values, but to give you the tools to implement yours.” 

Participants are encouraged to share their opinions about the City’s current bus system by stopping by the Nelson Nygaard table before and after the symposium.  Nelson Nygaard is a transit optimization and strategy consultant who was hired by Metro Transit to conduct an in-depth study of the City’s bus system. 

Attendees are encouraged to RSVP via Councilman Shadid’s Facebook event page or by emailing

Contact:  Kristy Yager
297-2550 / 863-2831

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