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The City of Oklahoma City

City Council elections March 5

(February 1, 2013) - Oklahoma City residents will head to the polls on March 5 to elect council representation for Wards 1 and 7.  Ward 3 Councilman Larry McAtee and Ward 4 Councilman Pete White drew no opponents. A general election will be held on April 2 if no candidate in Wards 1 or 7 receive a majority of the vote.

The following candidates have filed with the Oklahoma County Election Board and the City Clerk’s Office:

Ward 1     James Greiner
                 Gary Marrs (incumbent)
                 Carolyn Sims

Ward 7    John Bilbury III
                Lillie Buckner
                 Randon Gibson
                 Ronald “Skip” Kelly (incumbent)
                 John Pettis, Jr.
                 Ben Robinson
                 Star Young

Council members serve four-year terms with an annual salary of $12,000.

The qualifications for City Council are:

Log on to to see the ward boundary map.  For more information contact the Oklahoma County Election Board at 713-1515.

Contact:  Zach Nash

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