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Housing Programs

Programs for purchasing homes

The City of Oklahoma City, through federal funding, offers the HomeOwnership Opportunity Program (HOP) to help people purchase homes:

What are HOP loans?

The City sometimes has vacant single-family residential houses which need rehabilitation.  HOP makes these houses available to qualified home buyers through non-assumable 3% interest loans.  Monthly payments are based on your income at the time of application, your current debts and the cost to repair the house.

The maximum loan amount is $33,500.  To qualify for a HOP loan, your income must not exceed limits as noted below.

Programs for Inner-City Enhancement

What programs are available for repairing homes?

There are two types:

What loans are available to assist homeowners with interior and exterior repairs?

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Loans are for people who own and live in a house in need of repair.  A property inspection by the City’s housing rehabilitation staff is required to determine rehab work requirements.

The maximum loan amount is $33,500 and is available in two forms:

What about grants for fixing exterior code violations?

The City’s Exterior Maintenance Program provides grants of up to $14,000 to help people whose houses are in violation of the City’s exterior property maintenance code. Loans have to be paid back, but grants do not.

To qualify for this program, your property must be in relatively sound condition and the code violations must be visible.  You must also own and live in the house in need of repair and your income must not exceed limits noted below.

Limits on loans relative to family sizes
Size of Family
Senior Loan
General Loan
1 $25,860 $34,450
2 $29,520 $39,400
3 $33,240 $44,300
4 $36,900 $49,200
5 $39,900 $53,150
6 $42,840 $57,100
7 $45,780 $61,050
8 $48,720 $64,950

Want to know more?

If you have questions, need additional information or want to apply for any of these programs, please contact:

The City of Oklahoma City
Housing Programs
420 W. Main, Suite 1040
Oklahoma City, OK  73102
Phone: 405 297-2846