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Code Enforcement
Development Services

Development Services' Code Enforcement Division is responsible for keeping neighborhoods free of dilapidated buildings, tall grass and weeds and other neighborhood eyesores and nuisances.

Code Inspectors follow up complaints from the Action Center.

For your convenience, we have included the related ordinance number for each code violation. Our City ordinances are made available online through Municode. Enter the chapter number or violation description in the "Search" box to access the chapter.

Dead or Diseased Tree

It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain trees, shrubs, etc, along sidewalks and streets. If dead, it must be removed. Also must not obstruct free travel along sidewalks and streets.

Ordinance - Chapter 53-Section 21

Tall weedsTall Grass and Weeds

Grass and weeds become a violation when they reach 12 inches in height. Property owners are also responsible for maintaining alleyways and right of ways adjacent to their property.

Ordinance - Chapter 35-Section 63

Dilapidated Structure/Unsecured Structure

It is against City Ordinance to allow a structure to remain in a dilapidated state. Examples: holes in the roof, foundation decayed, sagging roof, danger of collapse.

It is against City Ordinance to allow an unoccupied structure to remain unsecured. Examples: no broken window panes, unlocked or open doors, holes in walls.

Truck missing a tireInoperable Vehicle

This covers vehicles anywhere on the property, including driveways. Examples include, but are not limited to: wrecked cars, vehicles that are all or partially dismantled and even vehicles with flat (or no) tires.

Ordinance - Chapter 35-Section 37

View Obstruction

Anything obstructing a person's view in the 25 foot site triangle, on a corner lot, is a violation.

Ordinance - Chapter 59-Section 6300.2.G.2


It is against City Ordinance to allow Graffiti to remain on the premises. Property owners are responsible for removing graffiti.

Ordinance - Chapter 35-Section 147

Property in disrepairProperty

Property owners are required to keep their property in good maintenance. Examples, but not limited to: roof, paint, fence.

Junk outsideJunk and Debris

Anything that is not designed for outdoor use, for a residential area, can not be stored outside.

Ordinance - Chapter 35-Section 103

How do I report a code violation?

Report violations to the Action Center at 405 297-2535, or use the on-line service request form.

Photo of violation noticeWhat if I have a code violation?

The violation notice tells you which ordinance was violated. If you have any questions, there is a phone number on the notice or sticker to call to get more information.