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1978 was the year City Council spent 11 hours debating a new budget in a marathon session, with Patience Latting presiding as Mayor. It was the year “Dallas,” “Diff’rent Strokes” and “Taxi” first appeared on network television.

Honor Roll certificate presented to Tommy CheatwoodIt was also the year employees like Fire Department Major John Long, IT Administrative Specialist Filiz Ponkilla and 92 others came to work for the City – to stay, through thick and thin, for 25 years.

They were all honored February 25 as their names were added to the Oklahoma Municipal League’s “Honor Roll of Service,” saluting municipal employees across the state who have served 25 years with their communities.

Mrasha Ingersoll speaks to employees“You represent 2,350 years of service,” Communications Manager Marsha Ingersoll told the employees gathered in the Council Chamber for the ceremony. “We [City employees] are part of the reason Oklahoma City is where it is today.”

OML began its ‘Honor Roll of Service’ 17 years ago. The names of all honored employees are added to the Honor Roll of Service book at OML’s headquarters.

2004 Honor Roll Additions


Anthony Bui, Municipal Accountant I 02/07/78
Helen Cunkle, Data Systems Technician III 07/01/78
Glory Dunlap, Data Systems Technician III 07/17/78
John (David) Vallejo, License Inspector 12/22/78


Bill Belcher, Major 09/29/78
Clayton Bell, Major 11/13/78
Michael Bruehl, Lieutenant 11/13/78
Steven Capps, Corporal 11/13/78
Myrl Cuppy, Major 11/13/78
Kristi Davis, Major 11/13/78
Steven Dunn, Lieutenant 11/13/78
Dennis Elliott, Lieutenant 11/13/78
Richard Gardner, Lieutenant 11/13/78
Alvie Groves, Corporal 06/23/78
Michael Harper, Lieutenant 06/23/78
Nick Holladay, Corporal 11/13/78
Steven Kemp, Lieutenant 06/23/78
Leonard Link, Master Mechanic 09/01/78
John Long, District Chief 06/23/78
Calvin Mason, Lieutenant 11/13/78
Michael Medrano, Corporal 06/23/78
Michael Mooney, Corporal 11/13/78
Terry Mortenson, Major 11/13/78
William Orr, Lieutenant 11/13/78
Steven Park, Lieutenant 06/23/78
Billy Plumlee, Battalion Chief 09/29/78
Larry Rigsby, Captain 11/13/78
Randall Rose, Lieutenant 06/23/78
David Sublett, Lieutenant 11/13/78
Randall Tucker, Lieutenant 06/23/78
Timothy Ward, Major 11/13/78
James Williams, Lieutenant 06/23/78
Neville Wilson, Corporal 06/23/78
Ronald Young, Major 11/13/78

General Services

Charles Brinlee, Painter 01/20/78
Tommy Cheatwood, Custodian 04/28/78
Jackie Garrard, Equipment Service Worker 02/24/78
Roger Levan, Mechanic 05/12/78
Richard Mahan, Building Maintenance Mechanic 06/30/78
Michael Quinn, Unit Operations Supervisor 06/19/78
Darlise Stallworth, Unit Operations Manager II 12/20/78

Information Technology

Filiz Ponkilla, Administrative Specialist 09/29/78
Dorothy Whitson, Quality Control Coordinator I 07/13/78

Municipal Court

Geraldine Gourley, Administrative Coordinator I 12/14/78

Neighborhood Services

Darrell Crawford, Environmental Code Inspector I 04/27/78
Robert Howard, Housing Rehab Specialist I 07/21/78
Edward Wickware, Chief Building Inspector 03/31/78

Parks & Recreation

Daniel Ford, Field Operations Leader 10/09/78
Neil Garrison, Naturalist 11/27/78
Kevin Reed, Crew Worker III 06/06/78


Vance Allen, Lieutenant 10/05/78
Doris Boone, 911 Supervisor 09/29/78
Jerry Caldwell, Sergeant 05/09/78
James Digby, Captain 04/28/78
Robert Easley, Sergeant 05/01/78
Charles Epperly, Sergeant 03/31/78
David Griffin, Sergeant 04/28/78
Garland Keel, Sergeant 08/25/78
Raymond Ledford, Sergeant 03/17/78
Thomas Livingston, Sergeant 08/25/78
Johnny Matthews, Sergeant 04/28/78
Robert McClatchie, Sergeant 09/01/78
David Melendez, Sergeant 04/28/78
Robert Nash, Captain 04/28/78
Jeff Ramsey, Sergeant 08/25/78
Phillip Richey, Sergeant 11/28/78
Michael Schoenberger, Sergeant 08/25/78
Alice Troy, Police Service Technician II 09/29/78
Garry Youngker, Sergeant 08/25/78

Public Works

Edward Barnhill, Equipment Operator II 03/29/78
Virendra Chandra, Planner III 12/13/78
Erman Endsley, Engineering Assistant II 11/08/78
Alan Evans, Light Truck Driver 02/07/78
Vernon Fisher, Crew Worker I 05/22/78
John Goode, Crew Worker IV 08/22/78
David Graves, Field Operations Supervisor 02/28/78
Calvin Millican, Construction Inspector I 02/27/78
Rick Motsenbocker, Construction Inspector I 08/10/78
Marilyn Penrod, Unit Operations Leader II 09/01/78
Hoy Richardson, Plumbing Inspector II 02/16/78
Nelson Ryan, Field Operations Supervisor 10/09/78
Steven Whitley, Equipment Operator II 12/15/78

Water/Wastewater Utilities

Tabe Brownell, Chief Meter Reader 07/01/78
William Crisswell, Field Operations Supervisor 11/14/78
Charles Jennings, Facilities & Plant Mechanic Supervisor 11/14/78
James Lowery, Equipment Operator II 08/08/78
Harold Mobley, Utility Worker II 05/31/78
Barbara Parker, Data Systems Technician I 07/19/78
Raymond Robinson, Plant Operator 12/13/78
Fred Rosas, Plant Operator 03/31/78
Daniel Roundtree, Utility Worker I 09/29/78
Conrad Ryerson, Field Operations Leader 04/25/78
Larry Shaw, Mechanic 12/04/78
Mary Sosa, Communications Dispatcher 10/27/78