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Employee Benefits

The City of Oklahoma City offers full-time employees a generous benefit package as part of their total compensation. For more information check these links to the various plans.

The Employee Benefits Handbook contains addresses, phone number and web addresses for companies providing benefits to City employees.

It also includes information about Open Enrollment and using the City's eBenefits software.

Download an Adobe Acrobat copy of the 2016 handbook here.

Refer to the Insurance Plans section on page 20 compare benefits of various plans

Firefighters: your benefits handbook is here.

Get the Retiree Benefits Guide here.

A spreadsheet showing relative rates of the City's various employee coverage plans is available here.

Notice for Marketplace Exchange for part-time employees

Notice for Marketplace Exchange for full time employees

Notice for Marketplace Exchange for Fire Department employees

As part of the Affordable Care Act legislation, most Americans are required to purchase health insurance coverage that meets a certain minimum standard. If such coverage is not purchased, individuals will pay an additional tax on his or her personal income tax return.

The City of Oklahoma City does not offer health insurance to part-time or temporary employees. However, the Health Insurance Marketplace can help you explore your coverage options, including your eligibility for coverage through the Marketplace and its cost. Information about the Health Insurance Marketplace is located at Click on the link to the left to access the required notice for the Healthcare Marketplace Exchange.

Note: The documents on this website will provide you with information about only some of the benefits mentioned above. The documents present an overview of certain benefit plans and are intended for informational purposes only. If there is a difference between the overview and the official plan document, the plan document will govern. For more information, contact the Employee Benefits Division at 405-297-2144.