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Common Code Violations
City of Oklahoma City

Code violations

The City understands code violations are a major concern. When you report a code violation to us, an inspector goes to the address you gave us to check your complaint. If there is a code violation, the inspector issues a notice to correct the problem.

Sometimes a courtesy notice is the first step.Other times official legal notice is posted. We take enforcement action if the problem isn’t corrected on the inspector’s next visit.


Enforcement action the City can take varies. Inspectors write citations for violations such as exterior property maintenance and illegal outdoor storage. In other cases, such as overgrown lots and junk, the City can clean up the location then bill the property owner for the work. Inoperative vehicles on private property or cars abandoned in the street can be towed away.


All problems reported to the Action Center are confidential. The City is the complaining party – not you or your neighborhood. You don’t have to give us a name or phone number. We request this information so we can contact you with a follow-up, but you’re not required to give it to us.

Common code violations

Illegal Outside Storage: Outside storage in a residential area is prohibited. (The only commercial district that allows outside storage is C-4.) To find out about a property’s zoning, log on to or call the Action Center at 297-2535. Municipal Code Chapter 59, Section 9350.47

Business Operations and Auto Repair in Residential Areas: Most business operations are not allowed in single family residential areas. Major auto repair, even done by a homeowner, is a code violation. Municipal Code Chapter 59, Section 6100.1

Illegally Placed Signs: Signs are not allowed on utility poles, traffic sign poles or anywhere in the city right-of-ways, including medians. Municipal Code Chapter 3, Section 81

Illegal Parking: Parking on an unpaved surface or on a city sidewalk or right-of-way is a violation. This includes boats, trailers and RV’s. Municipal Code Chapter 59, Section 10250.8

High Grass and Weeds: The number one complaint from people across the city is high grass and weeds. City ordinance defines grass to be in violation when it reaches a height of 12 inches. Property owners are also responsible for maintaining alleys and right-of-ways adjacent to their property. Municipal Code Chapter 35, Section 63

Junk and Debris:
Property owners are required to keep their property, including alleys and right-of-ways adjacent to their property, clean and free from trash. Trash is defined as, but not limited to, refuse, litter, debris, or any other matter that is uncared for, discarded or abandoned.
Municipal Code Chapter 35, Section 103

Exterior Property Maintenance:
Property owners are required to keep their property in good repair and properly maintained. Examples include but are not limited to roofs, fences and painted surfaces. Municipal Code Chapter 24, Article IV

Dilapidated and Unsecured Structures:
Dilapidated and unsecured structures not only pose a safety hazard to the community they are a violation of Oklahoma State Statues. Dilapidated structures are those with foundation damage, collapsing roof, major structural damage and decay. Unsecured structures are those with broken windows, unlocked or open doors and holes in the roof or outer walls. Title 11, Oklahoma State Statute, Section 22

Maintenance of Screening and Fencing:
All sight-proof screening (trees or other barriers) and fencing must be maintained and kept in good repair.Municipal Code Chapter 59, Section 11150

Dilapidated Signs:
Signs must be kept in good repair, clearly legible and free of damage, deterioration and/or defacement. Municipal Code Chapter 3, Section 83

Graffiti: It is against City ordinance to allow graffiti to remain on a property. The property owner is responsible for removing it. Municipal Code Chapter 35, Section 147

Inoperable Vehicles:

Inoperable vehicles are not allowed on public or private property, including driveways. Examples include wrecked cars, vehicles partially or completely dismantled, rusted, junked or abandoned. Vehicles with flat or no tires or with an expired or missing tag are also included. Municipal Code Chapter 35, Section 37

Commercial Trucks:
Commercial trucks shall not be parked or stored in residentially zoned areas. Municipal Code Chapter 59, Section10450

Livestock or Poultry:
Raising livestock or poultry on a lot/parcel less than one acre is a violation of City code. Municipal Code Chapter 59, Section 9350.8

Bulk Waste:
Bulk waste can be put out to the curb for collection no more than three days before the scheduled pick up date. Municipal Code Chapter 45, Section 25

Big Blue:
Big Blue can be put at the curb after 7 p.m. the day before collection day and must be wheeled back and legally stored at the side or rear of the structure, no later than 8 p.m. the day after collection. Municipal Code Chapter 49, Section 45

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